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Expert Instagram Tips for Your Home

instagram home tips

If a home is beautifully designed, but never revealed to the public, there may be less joy in the art of decorating. Social media plays a big role in how we share the details of our lives and capturing the perfect photo can greatly increase the positive feedback you get for your creative efforts. For many bloggers, crafters, designers, and decorators, platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow them to show off their skills to a much larger audience than before the advent of social media. When accessorizing and refreshing your home, there are a number of tricks and tactics that can make a photo stand out from the rest. Check out these tips from top designers to learn how you can make your home gloriously Instagram-worthy!

Kimberly Musser Interior Designer and Owner of Kimberly Musser Design Consulting

Kimberly Musser - Kimberly Musser's Instagram tips make great photos.

Nothing disrupts the eye from content like background clutter that has nothing to do with the subject matter. Keep it clean and simple and avoid the temptation for unnecessary tchotchkes.

Joe Brusca Co-owner at

Joe Brusca - Joe Brusca explains how to take the perfect Instagram photo.

The best social media photos are all about unique style. We find that because people's taste's vary so much, the best thing to do is to decide what your style is. Once you figure out what kind of look you're going for, figure out the biggest one or two things that would help you achieve that look and splurge on these items. Seriously, get the best quality ones you can find. Make these things the centerpieces of your photos. After that, finish the look with inexpensive and/or DIY accent pieces.

Jessica Davis Principal Interior Designer and owner at JL Design Nashville

Jessica Davis - Jessica Davis explains how to make your home Instagram worthy.

Instagram is all about colors. For inspiration take note of nature’s palette and pull the color into your house. For ex: this fall bring in red apples and orange pumpkins and for next spring bring in primrose pink flowers. Also, make sure your house is well-lit. Lighting can have a big impact on a space.

Larina Kase Interior Designer Larina Kase Interior Design

Larina Kase - Larina Kase with some great Instagram advice for photos.

Arrange simple vignettes in threes. Coco Chanel said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” The same is true with home decorating, but it is more likely take 3 things off. Pair items in threes around a strong focal point. On Instagram, simplicity is king and queen.

Tamela Bowie Founder of Tamela Bowie Interiors

Tamela Bowie - Tamela knows the best Instagram tips for your home.

Decorate your home with vibrant colors. Vibrant colors awaken a space and can show off the homeowner’s personality and add character to a space. In addition, when photographing the space for social media sharing, vibrant colors catch the eye and make the room pop off the page. If you are timid about adding a vibrant wall color in your space, then opt to add vibrant color through your accent pieces such as pillows, rugs, art, and decorative accessories.

Ohara Davies-Gaetano Interior Designer Ohara Davies-Gaetano Interiors

Ohara Davies-Gaetano - Ohara's tips help make your home Instagram ready.

Instead of focusing on an entire room, select a moment within the room that tells the story you are wishing to convey and that summarizes the overall emotion of the space. To create the most impact with the photo, make sure there is balance in the composition of the elements and that the pieces themselves have juxtaposition in texture, color, material.


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