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Benefits of a Smart Home: 5 Ways to Automate Your Life

"Smart homes may make life easier and more convenient,” write Molly Edmonds and Nathan Chandler, HowStuffWorks. “Who wouldn't love being able to control lighting, entertainment and temperature from their couch?”

The past couple years have seen a tremendous increase in affordable smart home technology. And the introduction of the Amazon Echo (Alexa) and Google Home have made these technologies even more popular, not to mention more powerful. 

“We live in a time unlike any other,” says Rick Delgado, Smarthome. It’s truly like living in a science fiction world, where you can control your entire home with nothing but your voice, smartphone, or tablet.

“Smart homes may make life easier and more convenient,” write Molly Edmonds and Nathan Chandler, HowStuffWorks. “Who wouldn’t love being able to control lighting, entertainment and temperature from their couch?”

5 Smart Home Devices You Must Have

“One advantage of having a smart home is the convenience it can add to your daily life,” writes Ken Hanly, Digital Journal. You can program any of the below devices to meet your daily needs and make your life easier.

Multi-Room Audio

Do you like music? If so, smart home devices like the Echo and Google Home can help transform your home into a music lover’s paradise. You can connect these devices throughout your home, allowing you to play your favorite music on command. “Alexa, play the Beatles’ greatest hits.”

You can manipulate music room by room – allowing you children to listen to their favorite music in their room while you relax to the sounds of John, Paul, George, and Ringo in your bathtub. Or, you can stream the same music throughout your home, which is perfect for parties.

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats, like the Nest Thermostat, allow you to “control, schedule and monitor your home’s temperatures,” write Edmonds and Chandler. These thermostats can even track temperature patterns and learn behaviors. This allows the device to “automatically adjusts its settings for maximum efficiency and comfort.”

Smart home nest thermostat

Home Security

Automated Door Locks: “Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of an automated system in your home is automated door locks,” writes Delgado. No more worrying that you forgot to lock your door. No more locking yourself out of your house. You can now control your door locks from your smartphone. You can even be alerted every time someone enters or leaves your home. This is a tremendous benefit for parents.

Source: PC Mag

Security Cameras: “With a home automation system, you can easily see what is happening,” says Delgado. “Now you can make sure no unwelcome guests arrive unbeknownst to you or your family. Security cameras increase family safety by recording clips when detecting movement or at specific times of the day or night.”

Smart Light Bulbs

Imagine being able to control every light in your house with just your voice. Or being able to have your lights turn on or off at a certain time of the day. This is all possible – and relatively easy to set up – with smart light bulbs, such as Philip’s Hue.

“The more lights you have the more fun it will be,” write Edmonds and Chandler.

Source: Philips

Motorized Window Treatments

Next Day Blinds has partnered with the leader in window covering motorization, Somfy®, to enhance your favorite Next Day Blinds blinds and shades with state-of-the-art control. Best of all, your new motorized window treatments can pair with your favorite smart home device, such as the Amazon Alexa® or Google Home, for a truly automated experience.

Motorization of window shades

Smart home routines allow homeowners to trigger several simultaneous actions – like raising your blinds or shades – at a given time of day. So, you can say goodbye to that annoying alarm! Next Day Blinds is proud to offer Somfy motorization products with our Honeycomb Shades, Roller Shades, Solar Shades, Savannah Shadings, Woven Wood Shades and Premium Wood Blinds.

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