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Top 10 Places to Watch the Sunrise on the East Coast

Get ready to make your bucket list a little bit longer with the top 10 spots to watch a sunrise along the East Coast.

UPDATED: July 24, 2019

On some days, you just want to sleep in (and want your window treatments to keep the rising sun from bothering you). On other mornings, however, it can be exciting to watch the light crest over the horizon. Luckily for us, the eastern United States provides a diverse selection of locations to view a breathtaking sunrise.

For that reason, we decided to compile a list of the top 10 place to watch the sunrise along the East Coast. We evaluated each location by the opinions of locals, uniqueness of features, and ease of access. Ultimately, we found that the following locations were the best for a beautiful morning view.

Where to Watch the Sunrise Map

Sunrise Feature Descriptions For Each Location

  1. Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park (Bar Harbor, ME) — Most of the year, this peak offers the earliest view of the sunrise in the U.S. Plus, it is easily scalable by car.
  2. Lincoln Memorial (Washington, DC) — The sun rises behind the Washington Monument, giving an amazing view of the district in the morning.
  3. Cape Hatteras National Seashore (Hatteras, NC) — This coastline is NC’s most eastern point, offering a beautiful ocean view below the rising sun.
  4. Druid Hill Park (Baltimore, MD) — The sunrise reflects stunningly against Druid Hill Park Lake in this park shared by The Maryland Zoo.
  5. Camel’s Hump (Huntington, VT) — This peak offers multiple trailhead and hike difficulty options. Regardless of which you choose, the views of the sunrise from the mountain are breathtaking.
  6. Lighthouse Beach (Chatham, MA) — This spot offers an amazing morning view from the Cape, and you can even watch it from your parked car if desired.
  7. Liberty State Park (Jersey City, NJ) — Although this location is technically in New Jersey, it offers a beautiful sunrise over the NYC skyline and Statue of Liberty.
  8. Juno Beach (Palm Beach County, FL) — Sunrise seekers can get a great look both from the shoreline and the long pier over the ocean.
  9. Ravens Roost Overlook, Blue Ridge Parkway (Lyndhurst, VA) — The Appalachian Mountains in general provide incredible views, but this overlook has the convenience of an easy drive up the Blue Ridge Parkway.
  10. Tybee Island (Chatham County, GA) — Right outside of Savannah, this shoreline offers an amazing view of the sunrise over the sandy beach.

Overall, this list provides a multitude of sunrise-viewing spots starting at the mountains of Maine, all the way down to the coast of Florida. There’s something for everyone, so hop in the car one morning and check out the nearest one to you! And just think, you can always close your blinds and get a few extra hours of shut-eye the following day.

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