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Best Window Treatments for Beach Houses

The desire to protect your view, coupled with the need for natural light and fresh air make finding the right window treatments incredibly important - and sometimes difficult.

“Beach house decorating is about imitating nature’s own color palette; keeping your house uncluttered and relaxed,” says interior design blogger Jennifer Davenport. “It is a mindset of serenity and peacefulness.” However, sometimes the interior design process can be anything but serene and peaceful. It can actually be quite stressful, especially when it comes to something like choosing the perfect window treatments.

Selecting the Best Window Treatments for Your Beach Home

The desire to protect your view, coupled with the need for natural light and fresh air make finding the right window treatments incredibly important – and sometimes difficult. Here are a few suggestions.


“In a beach home, views are the stars,” writes Spyker. That is part of the allure of the beach home – the relaxing atmosphere and the beautiful scenery. “Do you have a view that you just can’t bear to put window treatments over?” asks Margaret Griffin, Griffin Enright Architects. Fortunately, there is a simple window treatment solution that can give you the light control and privacy you desire without sacrificing that beautiful beach view.

We Recommend: “If privacy’s an issue, or if you just don’t like feeling that you’re on display, integrate sleek window treatments that won’t stop the eye,” says Marie Burgos, Marie Burgos Design. Solar Shades are great for light control, help maintain your view of the beach, and block harmful UV rays. The key is the fabric opacity. These window treatments are “available in varying degrees of ‘open-ness,’” explains interior designer Mike Strutt. The Openness Factor is expressed as a percentage (ranging from 1% to 10%), and indicates the quantity of light that the shade will let in. Sheers are the quintessential look and feel for a coastal look,” says Davenport.



When considering window treatments for your beach home, durability might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it is actually incredibly important. “Two of the biggest issues with beach homes near the ocean are humidity and salt air,” says designer John Barnes. “Both have a negative impact on most items, including wood and metal objects.” This really limits your window treatment options.

We Recommend: “Just because a home has the word “beach” in the name doesn’t mean you’re always going to want your windows to be open,” says Barnes. “Shutters walk the fine line of giving you lots of control over the lighting of your home while still fitting in naturally with a minimal beach home style.” Vinyl Shutters, specifically, are also incredibly durable – great for withstanding humid or wet environments. These window treatments are also perfect when privacy is important.

Similarly, Faux Wood Blinds are another option here, better option than real wood (more durable, climate resistant).



Finally, your new window treatments need to look the part and enhance your beachy decor. However, walking the line between whimsical beach decor and tacky beach decor can be tough. “It’s easy to get caught up in loud colors and fish-themed décor, but it’s so unnecessary,” says Mike Close, Spinnaker Development. “We prefer a soothing, spa-like feel with neutrals and a hint of blue.” So, what does this mean for your window treatments? Keep it simple and natural.

“Natural wood, sandy beige and blue make a classic beach house combination that works anywhere,” says Jack Wettling, AIA, Wettling Architecture.

We Recommend: Woven Wood Shades “fit the light, breezy mood of beach homes like a glove,” says Barnes. Choose between light filtering liners to diffuse light, room darkening liners to block light and maximize privacy, or no liner to allow daylight to naturally filter into your room.


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