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Best Window Treatments for French Doors

While almost all of our window treatments are suitable for doors with the right installation, these are a few of our top picks for French Doors.

When designing (or redesigning) a room, there are several factors to consider – light and light control, color, texture, and, of course, that WOW factor. Every room needs an eye-catching feature. For rooms connected to the outdoors, French Doors could be the perfect solution.

“If you are looking for a special feature to add to your home, consider replacing a door or several windows with French Doors,” says Joanne Koch of Koch Architects, Inc. “Not only will they let in more light, but the open feel they provide makes the whole space feel larger.”

While French Doors look stunning on their own, “An appropriate window treatment can add some much needed color, exaggerate the size of the doors, block out the light during the sunniest times of the day, and overall help pull the whole look and feel of the room together,” says Elise Moreau of Decoist.

What are the Best Window Treatments for French Doors?

“Just like windows, doors with views to the outside world need to be dressed,” writes Cathy Sill McGowin of Better Homes & Gardens. “But they can be tricky because doors — whether they’re sliding or French — are functional parts of the room, and the wrong window treatment can hold up traffic.” While almost all of our window treatments are suitable for doors with the proper installation, these are a few of our top picks for French Doors:

Honeycomb Shades

Designed to provide style and energy efficiency, honeycomb shades are one of the most popular window treatments on the market today. Not only do they look great, but their innovative cell construction creates air pockets to reduce heat loss, saving you money on your cooling and heating bills. Perhaps best of all, honeycomb shades work great with French Doors.

“As one of the best options for light-filtering or room-darkening qualities, cellular shades easily fit within the dimensions of French Doors without disturbing the handles,” writes Laurie Reeves of the website SFGATE, sister-site of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Honeycomb shades also provide superior light control and privacy, especially with the top down/bottom up option. This gives the homeowner the choice of opening window shades from the bottom up (the traditional method), or from the top down. The latter allows you natural light to enter the home without giving up any privacy. That’s what we like to call a win-win.

Roman Shades

Roman Shades provide an elegant touch to any décor – choose from sleek solids, subtle textured designs, and modern patterns. These window treatments are a “Simple solution for homeowners with French Doors who don’t want permanent coverings or big and bulky drapes to deal with,” says Moreau. Roman shades fit door dimensions without interfering with the handles (“Something you have to think about,” says Reeves), provide exceptional light control and privacy, and they look great while they do it – with graceful lines and a clean look.

“One of the most common (and functional) ways to use shades to cover door windows is to mount a single shade on each,” says interior designer Sarah Barnard of Sarah Barnard Design. This provides tremendous flexibility. “Whether you go for top-down, bottom-up or for classic Romans, each shade will have its own controls so you can raise and lower them individually.”

Woven Wood Shades

“Addressing the window treatment for your doors can be daunting, but woven wood shades can lessen the hassle,” says interior designer Dayna Katlin of Dayna Katlin Interiors.

Hand-woven natural materials provide texture to your French Doors and they are an eco-friendly way to add style to your home. Woven Wood Shades come in a variety of materials including bamboo, grasses, reeds and woods.

Similar in functionality to soft Roman shades, these window treatments also fit door dimensions without interfering with the handles, while providing a unique look unmatched by other window treatments.


High quality hardwood shutters are like furniture for your windows and doors – especially when they’ve been custom tailored to the exact dimensions, and finished with a premium paint or stain. Custom shutters by Next Day Blinds are an ideal window covering for hinged doors. Securely mounted on all four sides of the door surface, they become a fixed part of the door and will open and close with it as an integrated unit. We custom-tailor each shutter specifically for the door to which it will be applied, paying special attention to the door type and glass trim and accommodating levered locksets and handles with custom cutouts.

From casual to elegant or traditional to contemporary, hardwood and vinyl shutters enhance almost any decor.

“Wood shutters on a pair of French Doors add some rustic charm, and are super easy to open and close in the blink of an eye,” says Moreau. They create a “clean and subtle look” while blocking “excess light out during the day,” and preventing “people from peering in at night.”

"French doors can be an elegant component or focal point of almost any room when paired with the right decor."
— Elise Moreau, Decoist

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