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What are Cellular Shades?

Shades are characterized by being a window treatment made from one continuous piece of fabric that can either roll or fold up. Cellular shades–often referred to as Honeycomb Shades–fold up along crisp pleats that are a part of the design. Inside the pleats are honeycomb-shaped cells that are designed to help insulate your room.

One of the best things about these shades is that even though they come in a variety of sizes, colors, and light-control options, they are always designed with energy-efficiency in mind. The shades are constructed with honeycomb-shaped air pockets that are located inside of the pleats. These air pockets create a layer of insulation that blocks excess heat or coolness from entering through your window and getting into the rest of the room. Along with that, cellular shades are great for preventing energy loss and protecting your furniture against sun damage.

Additionally, cellular shades come in both single-cell and double-cell options. Single-cell shades contain one air pocket, while double-cell shades contain two. The major difference between the two types is how well they insulate in different climates. Single air pockets are a great option if you live in a place where it never gets excessively hot or cold, while double-cell cellular shades offer more insulation, which is better suited for homes in extreme climates.

How Do Cellular Shades Work?

Now that you know what cellular shades are, it’s now time to go over how they work. Cellular shades have three raising and lowering options: top-down, bottom-up; cordless; and motorized. Top-down, bottom-up shades are versatile because you can lower the shades from the top, raise them from the bottom, or both. This option allows you to customize how much sun is coming into your home, while also controlling how much privacy you want fairly easily.

Side-view of a Honeycomb Shades from Next Day Blinds

Cordless shades are very safe and aesthetically pleasing because they don’t rely on dangling cords. This eliminates the potential danger those cords present to children and pets. They are also straightforward to work with because you raise and lift them with your hands. If you want a window treatment that is (literally) more hands-off than that, cellular shades also come in a motorized option that uses a remote control button to raise and lower them.

Another cool functionality that cellular shades have are the cells that make it a great insulating solution. We talked a little about them in the previous section, but we wanted to go into how they work to insulate your home. The cells work to trap air and create a barrier between the window and your room. So, if you have double-cell cellular shades, they trap more air in them, leading to even better insulation.

How to Install Cellular Shades

Once you’ve purchased your cellular shades, you’ll need to install them properly to ensure they fit in or on your window nicely and block sunlight. You can either mount your shades on the inside or the outside of your window. Once you’ve decided which option works best and you’ve measured your space, follow these simple steps to install your cellular shades:

  • Position your shades on either the wall or window trim and ensure it’s level
  • Measure and mark the headrail 2 ½ in. in from the outside edges of the shade (outside mount) or the window opening (inside mount)
  • Fasten the mounts with screws, creating starter holes if necessary
  • Install any additional support brackets
  • Install headrail by hooking the front of the bracket into the headrail and pushing up on the backside to snap into place
  • Test your new cellular shades

Yes, it’s that easy! To keep them clean, simply use a duster, vacuum, or can of compressed air to get rid of any dirt and debris.

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