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Expert Instagram Tips for Your Home

When accessorizing and refreshing your home, there are a number of tricks and tactics that can make a photo stand out from the rest.

People love to design and redesign their homes to fit into the latest trends they see on social media. Social media plays a big role in how we share the details of our lives and capturing the perfect photo can greatly increase the positive feedback you get for your creative efforts. For many bloggers, crafters, designers, and decorators, platforms like Instagram allow them to show off their skills to a much larger audience than before the advent of social media.

Now that the home decor Instagram world has gained a ton of popularity, however, regular homeowners are trying to replicate the styles the see as they scroll through their timeline. But, in many cases, it’s much easier than it looks. When accessorizing and refreshing your home, there are a number of tricks and tactics that can take your home and make it shine! Check out these Instagram design tips from top home decor gurus to learn how you can make your home gloriously Instagram-worthy!

4 Instagram Design Tips to Elevate Your Space


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How is summer moving so quickly?!Now that we are hitting the 100+ degrees I’m spending a lot more time in here, soaking up the sun WITH the AC😅 but that doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned our backyard projects! We took a little break to let the new sod settle in, but I’ll be back on stories soon with our progress including a highly requested update on my battle against those a-hole mosquitos 😂 . . . #allsortsof #livingroomdecor #inmydomaine #smmakelifebeautiful #renovations #housebeautiful #lonnyliving #apartmentherapy #coastaldecor #pillowcovers #ihavethisthingwithtextiles #showemyourdiy #livingroominspo #coffeetable #mypinterest #sodomino #roomforinspo #magnoliahome #theeverygirl #styleithappy #homewithrue

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Kelsey, the woman behind Left and Level, has this to say when it comes to window treatments:

Window treatments may not seem like the most glamorous purchase, but they are absolutely necessary and set the tone for an entire home. Think of them like the eyebrows and hair of the house – they must work harmoniously with the decor inside or else they will be one BIG distraction. Swapping blinds with a shade, light drapery, or a combination of both will instantly elevate the room and even allow you to cheat taller ceilings and larger windows.


Switching to decor, the creatives behind the popular channel, Studio McGee, had this to say about pillows:

“Curate the perfect grouping of pillows by paying attention to size and pattern. Start with 24” to 22” at the back and layer in smaller pillows and lumbars. Use a cohesive color palette, non-competing patterns, and let your eye relax with solids.”


Becki Owens, interior designer and blogger, gave a little insight on how to style a bookshelf that can be used throughout your home:

“Groupings of three are always visually appealing. One tip is to create these groupings throughout the shelf using one tall object, one medium, and one short.”


Lastly, we wanted one of our gurus to give you a touch of practical advice to keep in mind when you’re home shopping, courtesy of Emily Henderson.

“Know the direction of your windows before you buy a house. There are so many houses on the lake that we drive by in our pontoon that get blasted by the sun all day every day so they have to keep blackout shades down. It’s not something you really think about when you are shopping for houses at 10 am, but especially in these houses with massive windows, it can be a real bummer to have to close off the house during the most beautiful times of the day.”

Which of these Instagram design tips are you going to incorporate into your home? We hope it’s all of them! Be sure to share this post and let your friends know.

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