Most Popular Fall and Winter Activities in the U.S.

It’s no secret that fall is officially upon us, and with temperatures cooling down, winter isn’t too far behind. Here at Next Day Blinds, we appreciate the fun activities that come with new seasons just as much as our customers do. From trips to the local pumpkin patch in the fall to Christmas tree farm outings as the holidays approach, we know there’s nothing quite like the quality time spent with loved ones while partaking in lighthearted, seasonal activities.

With this in mind, we decided to look into the most popular fall-time activity in every US state based on Google search interest data. 

Looking to try a new family activity or two this fall and winter? Read on for some fresh ideas.

US map showing the most searched fall activity per state

So, what are the most searched fall activities, you ask? Well, according to our findings, that depends entirely on where you’re from. In Northwestern states, Oregon, Idaho, and Wyoming, it’s no surprise that camping came in first place. These three states account for a total of 18 national park sites, including Yellowstone (Wyoming, Idaho), Grand Teton (Wyoming), and Lewis and Clark National Historic Park (Oregon). Needless to stay, if your family calls the Northwest home, be sure to schedule a camping trip this autumn. 

But if you’re from the Southeast, you might prefer activities like football games (Alabama and Mississippi) or ghost tours (South Carolina and Georgia). In the Northern-most state, Maine, visiting an apple orchard is the most popular fall activity. And since you can use apples to bake a plethora of delicious fall recipes, a day at the apple orchard might just be the most fruitful activity on the map.

Graphic showing the number of states in which the fall activity is most searched

Now that you’re up to speed on our state-specific findings, you might be wondering which fall activities were the most popular overall.

To answer your question: Drinking apple cider (7 states), watching horror movies (7 states), and visiting haunted houses (4 states), were the top three. If these activities aren’t quite what you had in mind for your family, why not try one of the others? Visiting a pumpkin patch, camping, running a turkey trot, or going to a Thanksgiving parade might be worthwhile alternatives.

US map showing the most searched winter activity per state

With November upon us and December right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start thinking about the winter activities and family outings you’d like to plan this year.

We weren’t surprised to learn that ice skating was the top winter activity for New Yorkers. After all, New York is home to one of the most widely known ice skating spots in the country, The Rink at Rockefeller Plaza. We were, however, caught off guard when we learned that ice skating is also the most popular activity in Southwestern states, Nevada and Utah. 

Other popular activities include taking Christmas light drives (Idaho, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Ohio), ice fishing (Minnesota and North Dakota), and sipping on Shirley Temples (California). 

Graphic showing the number of states in which the winter activity is most searched

As for the most popular winter activities overall, ice-skating (8 states), Christmas light drive (7 states), and interestingly, doing a puzzle (5 states) top the list. 

These activities are followed by enjoying a casserole, which was most searched in Nebraska, Alabama, and Kansas, and skiing, which was most popular in Colorado and Vermont. Along with skiing, taking pictures with Santa, going ice fishing, and building a snowman were all the most searched in two states each. 

Made with Flourish
Made with Flourish

We also took the liberty of breaking out the top activities into categories based on the type of activity you’re looking to partake in. Interested to see what the top food/drink related and outdoor-related activities are in your home state? How about the top indoor, outdoor, and food/drink related winter activities in your area? 

Hover over your state on the maps above for more tailored ideas!


Here at Next Day Blinds, we’re all about cozying up at home when the weather starts to cool down. After all, having a well-decorated home with custom-made window treatments can make it hard to venture out. 

That’s why we’re excited to offer you a fresh bunch of ideas for both the staying-in days and the going-out ones. Whether you choose to cuddle up with cider and a puzzle or head out to the ice skating rink or pumpkin patch, we wish your family a fun-filled fall and winter. Stay warm!

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