Interior Design Trends
Interior Design Trends

Find Inspiration: Ideas for Interior Design Struggles 💡

“The desire to redesign or redecorate often precedes the actual vision of what it is you want to see,” says interior designer Kristina Wolf. Here are a few tips to help you find inspiration in the world around you to help transform your interior into something truly breathtaking.

Finding Inspiration All Around You

Stephen King once said, “The scariest moment is always just before you start. After that, things can only get better.” While the author was most likely talking about his writing process, these words ring true for a number of different endeavors, including interior design. 

“Decorating and designing the interior of your home can be overwhelming and stressful,” say Leon Tuberman. “You can find yourself stuck because you are overwhelmed or maybe even scared of your design turning out wrong.” The easiest way to overcome this is to come up with a plan and that all starts with finding what inspires you.

Look Inward: Finding the Designer Inside Yourself

In many instances, the biggest source of inspiration is right in front of you…if you are standing in front of a mirror. We are talking about Y-O-U. “Your home should be as unique as you are,” says interior designer Alice Lane. “Pull inspiration from the things you love and reinvent it for your own.”

Pinterest, Instagram: Interior Design Inspiration Just a Click Away

“Inspiration can often run dry when you have a hard time visualizing something,” says Lane. This is the main reason so many people have flocked to Pinterest and similar visually focused platforms, like Instagram. Seeing what others have done is a great way to find inspiration. Just be sure to put your own unique spin on any design you choose.

Pinterest is also a great way to keep track of YOUR ideas. “It’s a wonderful tool for honing in on your favorite things, and also to bring with you as you begin to consult with interior designers,” says Wolf. “The internet has truly revolutionized the world of design.”


Finding a Focal Point: Designing Around an Object

Instead of trying to visualize an entire room from scratch, find a single item that you like and work from there. This can be a piece of furniture, a statement piece like a sculpture, or a piece of art. Designing around an item can be a “great resource for gathering color schemes and can be an excellent jumping off point for the rest of the design,” says Lane. “Find a piece you really love and you’ll soon find your heart and mind full of ideas!”

Fashion Forward: Finding Interior Design Inspiration in Clothing Trends

“The latest trends in fashion inevitably make their way into our homes,” says Lane. “Whether is the latest color rage or use of feathers and metal embellishments, we find that what makes a great outfit also makes a great room.” This also goes back to the idea of looking inward. Open your closet and see what types of clothing you tend to gravitate towards. Then use these styles as inspiration for your interior.

“If you’re wearing it, you probably like it,” says Lane. “We constantly are pulling inspiration from our client’s wardrobe.”

Natural Elements: Nobody Does it Better Than Mother Nature

“Sometimes a simple walk around the neighborhood is all it takes to clear your mind and rediscover the beauty of nature,” says Lane. “There is inspiration everywhere!” So, take it all in – the trees, the flowers, the textures, and, most importantly, the colors. “You’ll discover attractive color combinations you may never have thought of on your own, or by looking at color wheels and paint swatches,” says Wolf.

Seeing is Believing: Request Free Samples Whenever Possible

Many companies, like Next Day Blinds, offer their clients free samples. In our case, we provide customers with up to 15 FREE swatches. This allows you to 1) see and feel the product in person without ever having to leave your home and 2) better visualize how the product will look in your home. Each sample is hand cut from actual production materials to help you really envision your finished blinds, shades, or shutters.


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