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Why Hardwood Shutters by Next Day Blinds?

We pride ourselves on the fact that our shutters look great and stand the test of time — results that we attribute to premium materials, experienced craftsmanship, and attention to detail.


Over the last two decades, Next Day Blinds has built a reputation for artisan craftsmanship, impeccable quality, and superior service. Our hardwood shutters, which were first introduced in 2001, are a prime example of how we gained this reputation. We pride ourselves on the fact that our shutters look great and stand the test of time — results that we attribute to premium materials, expert craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

“Thankfully, we’ve come a long way from the days of [only] hiding [windows] behind basic mini blinds,” says Carolyn Forté, Home Appliances & Textiles Director in the Good Housekeeping Research Institute.

Premium Materials

When it comes to our hardwood shutters, we use only the best components and materials, selecting those that offer durability, strength, and value for years to come. It all starts with the wood. We exclusively use Basswood, which is lighter in weight, receives paint and stain better than other hardwoods, and is highly sustainable. And then there is the finish.

At Next Day Blinds, we use furniture-grade, low-formaldehyde finishes to deliver the most optimal results.

  • Paint: “If a customer chooses to match the trim, it should be the closest match you can get,” says Barbara Loller, Next Day Blinds Bel Air, MD Store Manager. Our paint is a furniture-grade and lacquer-based paint. And we paint our shutter panels after they’ve been assembled, which allows for paint to cover and fill all seams that are created by the connecting and joining of the wood components. “When [shutters] are painted to match the window millwork, they almost disappear, allowing the beauty of the window to shine,” says architectural photographer David Churchill.
  • Stain: We stain all of our shutter components in-house using low-formaldehyde, low-odor stains. This allows us to control the richness of the stain and the sheen, and guarantees a consistent look across the finished product.

All of these factors lend themselves to a higher-quality product.

Next Day Blinds Factory Shutters


“When shopping for interior shutters, it’s important to know if you are buying custom shutters truly built for your windows or if the company will take stock panels and cut them down to fit,” says interior designer Kristi Linauer. “A custom shutter company will measure your window exactly and build your shutters to fit.”

At Next Day Blinds, our custom tailoring process entails measuring, design, manufacturing, and installation, which we handle from start to finish within our fully integrated, end-to-end business model.

It all starts with measuring. Our technicians record not only width and height dimensions, but also window depth, sill projection, millwork type, and more. All these details are entered into our proprietary software, which calculates exactly how to cut and build each component for the shutter panel.

All Next Day Blinds hardwood shutters are custom constructed in our very own state-of-the-art technology. Our shutters are never cut to size from pre-assembled or pre-finished stock panels. Each frame is custom cut to the optimal depth for the particular window configuration, giving consideration to window depth and sill projection.

The benefits of custom tailoring are akin to the distinction between buying a suit off the rack and having one custom-made by a master tailor — the difference in quality is unmistakable.

“Custom shutters elevate the design of any room, as they look more like an architectural element than a window treatment,” says home designer Keith Summerour.

Next Day Blinds Factory Shutters Close Up

Attention to Detail

Because we manufacture all of our hardwood shutters ourselves, we are able to translate feedback from our measure technicians into innovations. That ability to constantly refine our products based on unique window needs results in small enhancements that make a big impact.

We sweat every last detail, because we believe our shutters are a great investment for your home and we want them to be perfect for you.

“As an interior design choice, you can’t go wrong by selecting wood shutters,” says interior designer Celeste Stewart. “They fit in with just about any décor and offer a clean, cohesive look throughout the home.”

Blue Shutters in Mudroom



Founded in 1993, Next Day Blinds is a fully integrated, full-service custom window covering company located in Jessup, MD, just 25 miles from Washington, DC, and 15 miles from Baltimore, MD. From sales and design to manufacturing, measuring, installation, and service, we do it all. Our goal is to help you create a better tomorrow by providing a superior result--blinds, shades and shutters that look nicer, last longer, and are there when you want them.