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Tips and Tricks

How to Avoid Window Measuring Mistakes

Since every blind and shade is custom made to your exact specifications, your measurements are critical. Here are a few tips to help you avoid common window treatment measuring mistakes.

When you order a custom suit, your tailor takes exact measurements to craft a suit truly made for YOU. The same holds true for your window treatments. Just like a tailor needs precise measurements to fit your new suit to your unique body type, Next Day Blinds needs exact measurements to build custom blinds, shades, and shutters for your windows.

“At Next Day Blinds, everything is custom made after you purchase your products,” says Frank Sisto, Vice President of Operations at Next Day Blinds. “You get a custom-built product, made locally, and custom-tailored to your windows. All of our products are made one at a time, to your specifications in our factory. There is nothing pre-made [or] made in advance that gets cut down.”

This level of customization means your measurements are critical. Here are a few tips to help you avoid common window treatment measuring mistakes.

Measuring for Blinds & Shades 101

If you prefer, Next Day Blinds can send one of our highly skilled, specially trained employees to your home to accurately measure each window. But, if you’d rather handle things yourself, here are a few simple tips.

Gather Your Tools

It is important to have the right tools for the job. Luckily, you’ll only need three things:

  1. Steel Tape Measure: Never use a wood or cloth tape measure. Because the steel tape measure is more rigid, it makes it easier to obtain accurate measurements, which are extremely important when it comes to custom window treatments.
  2. Pen and Paper: It is important to accurately record your measurements – width first, then the height (account for locks, knobs, and other hardware). Don’t forget to label each window (“Kitchen”, “Bedroom”, etc.) This is very important when it comes time to order. And always provide your window treatment supplier with exact measurements. Deductions for fit will be taken at the factory.

Measure at Three Points

Most people are surprised to learn that a window’s width and and height can differ depending on where you measure it. We recommend that you measure at 3 different points. For width, measure at the bottom, middle and top. For height, measure at the left, middle and right. Then round each measurement to nearest eighth of an inch. For width select the narrowest figure, and for height the tallest. We also recommend taking each measurement a few times to ensure accuracy. It’s like the old saying goes – measure twice, cut once.

measuring for inside mount

How to Measure Blinds and Shades - Width

Don’t Forget About Depth

“Our custom window coverings are custom (built) for width and height, but we also give consideration to the depth of the window, the type of millwork, and the projection of the sill,” says Steve Freishtat, CEO and Founder of Next Day Blinds. All of our blinds and shades have depth requirements when inside mounting. Some require more allowances that others. Be sure to check window depth to ensure that the product is compatible with your window. This is especially important in older homes, as they tend to have shallower windows. To check depth requirements, visit our Installation Depth Requirements for Inside Mounting guide.

Measure Every Window

There is no such thing as a “standard size” window. Even windows in the same room can vary slightly. So, it is important to measure each and every window separately to ensure a perfect fit for your new custom window treatments.

Founded in 1993, Next Day Blinds is a fully integrated, full-service custom window covering company located in Jessup, MD, just 25 miles from Washington, DC, and 15 miles from Baltimore, MD. From sales and design to manufacturing, measuring, installation, and service, we do it all. Our goal is to help you create a better tomorrow by providing a superior result--blinds, shades and shutters that look nicer, last longer, and are there when you want them.