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Do Not Disturb: How to Set Up the Perfect Sleep Environment

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary — a place to escape from the day and sink into a restful sleep. A bedroom set up for sleep can make the difference between feeling alert or exhausted the next morning.

When you were a child, did you hate going to bed early? We all wanted to stay up late, but as we enter adulthood, the thought of getting to bed early is a welcome one. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary — a place to escape from the day and sink into a restful sleep. A bedroom set up for sleep can make the difference between feeling alert or exhausted the next morning.

Here are some ways to turn your bedroom into the perfect sleep environment.

Create a Cave

You wouldn’t immediately associate a cave with a great sleep environment, but science says otherwise. Caves are cool, quiet, and dark. Cooler bedroom temps can signal to your body that it’s time for rest. Your body temperature goes down slightly as you prepare for sleep, so a room between 60 and 67 degrees is ideal, but it’s important that you feel comfortable at whatever temp you set. Having a cooler room with more blankets is one option so that you can remove layers as needed throughout the night.

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Your room should be a “do not disturb” zone, and that includes disruption from sounds. Data shows that a quiet room is one of the most important factors to a good night’s sleep. Noises that disturb your sleep can come from a busy street, loud neighbors, or from inside the home when a child wakes up or pets are still awake. Minimize the sounds that you hear at night, such as the “tick” from a clock, or perhaps loud appliances if you run the dishes or laundry at night. To drown out the rest, consider a machine or app that makes ambient noise. This should help make disruptive sounds less noticeable.

Darkness is also important for sleep. A circadian rhythm can be confused by odd schedules that don’t correlate with daylight. Workers who are on night shifts often report getting poor quality sleep because it is not dark out when they go to bed. Studies have even shown a link between light exposure during sleep and depression, with people who do not have a dark sleep environment more likely to develop symptoms. Many are also woken up as the sun rises. You may not be able to control the sun, but you can control the amount of light in your room as you get ready for bed. Room Darkening Shades can help decrease the amount of light you get in your room, whether it be from sunlight or street lights. As an added bonus, they also increase privacy and can help save energy during the day by keeping sunlight from heating up your home. Light exposure isn’t just sunlight and street lights, however. The blue light emitted from phones and computers can keep you awake longer and even damage your eyesight. Setting an hour aside before bed to be free of devices can help you fall asleep faster.

To make light control even easier, consider motorized window treatments – the perfect solution for a restful night’s sleep and a peaceful morning. Next Day Blinds is proud to offer Somfy motorization products with our Honeycomb Shades, Roller Shades, Solar Shades, Savannah Shadings, Wood Wood Shades and Premium Wood Blinds. Our motorized window coverings are also compatible with third-party home automation systems, so you can schedule your shades to close before bed and rise with the sun, prompting you to wake up naturally (it really beats an annoying alarm clock).

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These factors help us fall and stay asleep, as well as improve our quality of rest. Once you’ve made your bedroom a quiet, dark, and cool environment, it’s important to make it comfortable!

Make It Comfortable

Your bedroom should be cozy and inviting because sleep is one of the most private and personal things you do. Whether it’s a bedside photo of your family or your favorite art on the walls, make sure you create a space that you feel connected to.

It goes without saying that your bedroom should be comfortable. Lighting should fit the mood. It’s great to have bright lights when you need them and a less intense light for bathroom trips or before falling asleep. If you have hardwood or vinyl floors, consider an area rug by your bedside so you can walk around without getting cold feet. The most important item in the room, though, is your mattress. If you are woken up in the night by a partner getting out of bed, you sleep hot, or your mattress is just getting old, it might be time to see what else is out there. Memory foam mattresses are great at reducing motion transfer and giving the right mix of support and comfort. The supporting roles in the room are your pillow and sheets. Both should be designed to reduce heat buildup. Pillows should give the right support for any sleeping position, and sheets should feel light and soft to the touch. Your focus in comfort should start at the bed and work its way to the rest of the room. If you have space, little additions like a place to sit down and put your socks on can make a big difference in your morning routine.

The right window treatments can also make a world of difference. Not only can blinds, shades, or shutters complete the visual aesthetic of a room, allowing you to feel more comfortable in your bedroom, window treatments can also help better regulate room temperature, providing another type of comfort. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

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Keep It Tidy

A clean and tidy room is important for a few reasons. It allows you to get ready for the day faster, can prevent you from losing your essentials like a wallet or keys, and can even affect the way you sleep. A 2015 study from St. Lawrence University concluded that people who sleep in a more cluttered room are more likely to have poor sleep quality. For some, the worry of laundry or clutter piling up can cause anxiety and stress which can keep you up at night or prevent you from getting a deep sleep.

Air quality is also important in your bedroom. Reduced air quality caused by outside pollution, dust, or allergies can prevent you from falling asleep quickly and can cause you to wake during the night. If it’s not too humid out, keeping a window open can make a big difference. If you are bothered by pollen or dust, running a quiet air purifier at night can help keep you comfortable and well-rested.

It’s also important to clean regularly – including your window treatments. Over time, your blinds, shades, and shutters will accumulate dirt, dust, and allergens. Check out our quick blog article on Spring Cleaning Tips for Blinds and Shades for some deep cleaning advice for different window treatments. This will help keep your window treatments looking great and operating smoothly, and improve air quality.

Next Day Blinds makes it easier than ever to find the perfect custom window treatments to improve comfort, make your home more welcoming, and provide you with a good night’s sleep. With 29 showrooms throughout Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Virginia, an easy-to-navigate online experience, as well as our popular Shop at Home service, you can shop your way. And Next Day Blinds is here to help every step of the way.

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