Interior Design Trends

Interior Design Styles of 2017

Identify the look that best embodies your design style and get decorating!

Even if you don’t consider yourself the next Martha Stewart, everyone has their own personal flair. At Next Day Blinds, we recognize that there are dozens of different decorating styles and we’re always here to help you craft the perfect setting. Take our interior design quiz to identify the look that best embodies your design style and get decorating!

Shabby Chic

Romantic and vintage-inspired styles are two things you appreciate. Decor in your home should have a quaint, cottage-esque feel with rosy tones throughout. Furniture and window coverings that look distressed, yet elegant, will make your home feel cozy and comfortable.

Our Recommendation: Roman Shades

Roman Shades

Shabby Chic Recommendation: Roman Shades


Chic, sleek, and functional describe your perfect home. You have a minimalist approach to accessorizing that shows extreme decorating restraint. Clean lines and natural light turn your home into a modern dream. Invest in simple furniture and showcase a few main pieces, such as your favorite couch or statement artwork.

Our Recommendation: Roller Shades, or Honeycomb Shades

Roller Shade in Kitchen with Sun

Modern Recommendation: Roller Shades


You love beautiful, historic homes and have an eye for the classics that never goes out of style. A warm, inviting, and timeless living space is a must for you. Stick with understated color schemes and classic prints to give your home a traditional feel. Classic wood furniture and window coverings will give your home an elegant touch.

Our Recommendation: Wood Blinds, or Shutters

Why Hardwood Shutters by Next Day Blinds

Traditional Recommendation: Shutters


Your go with the flow attitude and adventure-seeking personality give you a boho vibe. Many describe you as “chill” and your walls are probably covered in tapestries. Your ideal home decor needs to be lively, but still relaxing and laid-back. Interesting sculptures, woven rugs, and bamboo window coverings will give your home that boho chic feel.

Our Recommendation: Woven Wood Shades

Bohemian Recommendation: Woven Wood Shades

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