Interior Design Trends
Interior Design Trends

Interior Design Trends for 2017

To get a sense of home buying trends for the year ahead, we conducted a survey to uncover the average American’s interior design desires for 2017.

Another year has come and gone and that means many of us have committed to yet another new year’s resolution. While some might stick to the more traditional promises of losing weight, eating healthier, or traveling more often, we resolve to help our customers and community make the most of the space in their homes.

To get a sense of home buying trends for the year ahead, we conducted a survey to uncover the average American’s interior design desires for 2017. Our findings are visualized in the graphics below.


No shocker here, but it turns out that the fellas have their hearts set on upgrading their man caves. Men were twice as likely as women to say that if money were no object, they would purchase an entertainment stand this year. Meanwhile, women seem to have some plans to entertain in 2017, as females were 75% more likely to say that they would purchase a kitchen table. These results indicate surprisingly stereotypical gender roles.


Respondents aged 18-24 were the least concerned age group when it came to the value of a new product they might purchase for their home. At the same time, this demographic was the most concerned with the trendiness of an item. Millennials might be thinking more about how their new home decor will look on Instagram than how long it will last them.

Surprisingly, gender played a different role in purchasing decisions than you might expect. Women were more concerned with the cost of the item while men focused more on the brand name than women.

Millennials seem to be in continual transition with a constant desire to update and refresh their home so that it doesn’t feel stale. Respondents in this generation were the only ones to say they were extremely likely to make interior design changes in the coming year.

It seems like people are looking for a bit of peace and serenity in the new year. More than a third of survey respondents said they would opt for a neutral color palette if redecorating their home. This could be an attempt to avoid a trendy color scheme that can quickly go out of style. Neutrals have staying-power.

The state of the economy is still a concern for many citizens in the US. Those who do not feel confident in the economy would prefer to save their money rather than update their home. For every one point increase in someone’s optimism about the economy, the likelihood of renovating their home in the new year increased by 30%.

It looks like we aren’t the only ones planning on making some updates to our accommodations this year. If you’re in the same boat, maybe it’s time to start looking at a neutral palette and the Modern Farmhouse trend for your home. A little refresh of your home can start 2017 off in the right direction.

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