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Light Filtering vs. Blackout Shades: A Complete Guide

The primary difference is light control.

You’ve done your research and determined that Honeycomb Shades make the most sense for you. You love the style and the functionality is perfect for your room. Now you just have to choose between light filtering and light blocking shades, but there is one problem. You don’t know the difference.

Honeycomb Light Filtering Shades

Light Filtering Honeycomb Shades

Room Darkening Honeycomb Shades

Room Darkening Honeycomb Shades

Light Filtering vs. Blackout Shades

What’s the difference between light filtering and blackout shades?

The primary difference between light filtering vs blackout shades is light control. Light filtering shades block less than 95% of the sunlight, while blackout shades block 100% of light. Here are some reasons why you might choose one over the other:

  1. Light Filtering Shades: Light filtering shades do just that: filter light. They provide privacy while still allowing some light to shine through. This is perfect for the living room, dining room, or really any room where privacy is important, but so is light.
  2. Blackout Shades: Light Blocking or “Blackout Shades” block all sunlight from entering the room. They block light. All of it. This is perfect for the bed room, nursery, media room, or any room where you need total darkness. At Next Day Blinds, we offer two types of Room Darkening Honeycomb Shades: 3/4″ woven blackout shades and 3/8″ basic blackout shades. We recommend outside mounts for total light control. This will give you the darkening effect you desire, eliminating most light.

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