Interior Design Trends

Looking Forward to 2017 Design Trends

What’s hot and what’s not in the world of interior design?

Top 5 Interior Design Predictions for 2017

As that crazy roller coaster ride known as 2016 comes to an end, we begin to look forward to the new year and new design trends. So, what’s hot and what’s not in the world of interior design?

Defined Living Spaces

According to Lauren Macer of Sisalla Interior Design, open floor plans may soon be a thing of the past, as defined living spaces are making a comeback. “As people have now lived with the open plan living areas incorporating kitchen, living, dining and even study areas, they have found problems with acoustics and cooking smells through the space,” says Macer.

“With an ever-increasing amount of time spent in front of a computer or smartphone screen during the day…there will be a greater desire to create spaces in our lives devoid of digital distraction,” says the team at Nathan + Jac.

Solar Roman Shades in Living Room


According to Macer, cork is making a comeback. This versatile material is not only great for hanging notes, but also for adding warmth and texture to a room. “I predict cork could be used to clad entire walls in the home office…,” says Macer. We have also seen cork used in coffee table bases, stools, and side tables. There is perhaps no end to the many uses of everyone’s favorite porous material.

And if you aren’t quite ready to move away from your open floor plan, cork is an excellent material for absorbing sound.

Design Trends - Cork

Dark Green

As we move away from navy and midnight blues, dark green will become the trendy new color of the new year. “It feels old and decadent,” says interior design blogger Katrina Chambers. According to Macer, “Dark green as a paint color for rooms like bedrooms creates a wintery backdrop for tan leathers, reindeer furs, brass lamps and natural linen.” However, dark green is also an excellent accent color. It “adds depth and can bring in the colors from the outdoors” and works well with dark timbers.

Design Trends - Dark Green

Upholstered Headboards

Wood is out and upholstered headboards are in, and they are absolutely gorgeous. “Upholstered headboards give a room a luxurious, soft feel,” says interior design blogger Yvonne Pratt from StoneGable. These stylish new headboards are an easy way to “add instant glamour to a bedroom,” according to Emma Blomfield, stylist at online homewares retailer

Soft Roman Shades in Bedroom

“Natural” Window Treatments

There are a few trends in window treatments we would like to mention as well:

  • Natural Materials: “It’s all about nature-inspired and eco-friendly materials and designs,” says designer Lori Gilder. “It’s no longer a trend, but more of a philosophy in the evolution of design. Bamboo, matchstick blinds and natural woven shades layered with simple sheer linen panels create an elegant yet earthy sophistication in any space.” Next Day Blinds Roman Shades are made from our exotic collection of natural reeds, woods, grasses and bamboo. According to interior designer Killy Scheer, “Roman shades offer a classy and practical alternative that warm up windows while providing privacy and protection from the sun.”
  • Natural Light: One trend that never goes out of style is natural light. “In my view, no space without natural light is worthy of human occupation,” says interior designer John Saladino. Utilizing natural light is an excellent way to add dimension and intrigue to a room. For this, you have several options. Solar Shades help reduce glare and block harmful UV rays, all while still allowing you and your guests to gaze out your windows and take in the beauty of the surrounding area. Honeycomb shades can “roll down from the top to let in sun, while providing privacy at the bottom,” says Elizabeth Aaron, president of Elizabeth Aaron Interior Design, providing superior light control to go along with superior energy efficiency. Of course, there are numerous other options that allow you to maximize natural light without sacrificing privacy. If you would like to learn more, schedule an In-Home Consultation with Next Day Blinds.

Woven Woods Living Room Drawn

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