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Matching Window Treatments & Design Styles

Be faithful in your own taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style.

When decorating a room, many homeowners focus on the obvious style points – the wall color, the furniture, the flooring, and those added bits of decor, such as paintings, nick-nacks, etc. One major element is often undervalued: window treatments. However, “not all shades are created equal,” writes Jess McBride, a custom decorating professional and Houzz contributor. Just like there are a variety of interior design styles, from classic to modern to transitional, there are a variety of window treatments to suit them.

"Be faithful in your own taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style."
— Billy Baldwin, Legendary New York Interior Decorator


Classic or traditional design is known for its warm, inviting interiors. With its roots in 18th century England and the French countryside, traditional color schemes include neutral tones with warm, rich wood accents, says Casey Gerber of Laurel & Wolf Interior Design. The main colors of the classic interior include beige, cream, gray, pearl, deep burgundy, gold, peach, silver, olive and terracotta.

Our Recommendation: You can never go wrong with Classic Wood Blinds, which are “especially popular today,” writes Leslie Plummer Clagett of This Old House. “They are equally at home in traditional paneled or rustic-style homes and more modern spaces.”

Another excellent option is Soft Roman Shades. They are “such a great way to treat windows,” writes interior design blogger Bridget A. Otto.

“Woven woods bring a distinctly organic texture to a room,” says interior designer Becky Dietrich. “Their nubby, slubby feel makes them relaxed and comfortable looking. They enhance and warm almost any decor.”

Woven Woods in Living Room


If you love clean lines, accessory-free space, and neutrals with primary colors, then modern design may be the style for you,” says Lloyd Princeton, Founder of iMatchDesigners. “The essence of modern interior design includes basic shapes, functional lines and curves, materials like metal, chrome, and glass – and furnishings without decorative parts.”

In layman’s terms, modern design is clean and simple, using basic geometry with a focus on function. Modern designers emphasize pure color — black, white, and neutrals with vibrant primary colors.

“Modern design is a fabulous choice for apartment dwellers because it increases space and creates the illusion of a larger room.” says Princeton.

Our Recommendation: Solar Roller Shades provide a modern look that compliments almost any decor, while also reducing glare and allowing you to gaze out your window to take in the beauty of the great outdoors. This is why these window treatments are especially popular in city environments and office buildings, where the need to provide light control and privacy must also be balanced with the desire to protect one’s view.

“If you’ve got an amazing view, but your large windows bring in too much sunlight sometimes, rollers are the perfect solution,” says window treatment specialist Mary Lou Ralston.

Solar Roller Shades in Modern Kitchen


Transitional design combines the best elements of classic and modern styles, create an interior that everyone will love. “If Goldilocks were decorating a house, transitional style would check all of her “just right” boxes: not too cold, not too formal, not too fussy,” writes Houzz contributor Lisa Frederick. Together, these two design forms create a perfect balance.

Transitional designs are known for their subtle and clean color palettes, which create relaxing and uncomplicated rooms.

Our Recommendation: Layering top-down, bottom-up (duofold) Honeycomb Shades with drapery is an excellent way to blend modern and classic design elements. The honeycomb shades provide the functionality modern design is known for. “They can roll down from the top to let in sun, while providing privacy at the bottom,” says Elizabeth Aaron, president of Elizabeth Aaron Interior Design. Meanwhile, curtains give the window a more traditional look and feel. That’s what we call a win-win.

“Not only will this approach help give your windows added aesthetic appeal, but adding curtains will also help add privacy and energy efficiency,” explains interior designer Samantha Friedman.

Another excellent option is Soft Roman shades. “If your taste is modern to transitional, certainly roman shades work well,” says Steve Corbeille, an interior designer specializing in custom window treatments, bedding, upholstery and wall coverings. Roman shades add sophistication to any room. They look great in dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and any other room you can think of, offering a simple, yet elegant way to dress up your windows.

Honeycomb in Dining Room


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