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Tips and Tricks

Measuring Tips for Window Blinds and Shades

If you plan to order your window treatments online - or just need measurements to bring to your local Next Day Blinds showroom - then you have come to the right place.

“At Next Day Blinds, everything is custom made after you purchase your products,” says Frank Sisto, Vice President of Operations at Next Day Blinds. “It doesn’t matter if you buy your window treatments in store, online, or in your own home, all of our products are made one at a time, to your specifications in our factory. There is nothing pre-made [or] made in advance that gets cut down.”

As you can probably imagine, this level of customization requires accurate measurements – and not just for height and width. “Our custom window coverings are custom for width and height,” says Steve Freishtat, CEO and Founder of Next Day Blinds, “but we also give consideration to the depth of the window, the type of millwork, and the projection of the sill.” So, you have two options:

  • Professional Measuring: Enlist the help of Next Day Blinds. We are here for you. Our highly skilled, specially trained employees accurately measure each window, taking more than just width and height into account. We also consider millwork, window depth, sill projections, and any other factors that make the window unique.
  • DIY: Of course, some people prefer to do everything themselves – which is completely okay as well. And, once again, we are here to help!

DIY Measuring Tips

If you plan to order your window treatments online – or just need measurements to bring to your local Next Day Blinds showroom – then you have come to the right place.

Choose Between Inside and Outside Mount

  • Inside Mount shows off your window trim. This type of mount allows you to install your window treatment flush or recessed with the window frame, providing a visually appealing look that most homeowners prefer. Most window treatments you see are probably mounted this way. Inside mounting is ideal for sash (double‑hung) windows, and areas where visual appeal is more important than light control, such as the living room, dining room, and kitchen.
  • Outside Mount is the ideal option for blackout shades. Unlike inside mounts, which are installed inside the window frame, outside mounts are installed outside, usually over the window trim, providing superior light control. For this reason, outside mounts are most often recommended for areas such as bedrooms and media rooms. Otherwise, there will be light gaps on the left and right sides of the shades. Outside mount is also recommended for casement windows to avoid interference with window cranks, locks, and screens. 

Be Prepared

Before getting started, you will need a few things. 1) A high-quality steel tape measure; never a wood or cloth tape measure. Because the steel tape measure is more rigid, it makes it easier to obtain accurate measurements, which are extremely important when it comes to custom window treatments. 2) You will also need a pen and paper to record your measurements.

Required: Measuring tape, pen or pencil and a notepad

Get Started Measuring

When measuring the width of a window, always measure in three places: top, middle and bottom. More often than not, your window will not be a perfect rectangle or square. If your numbers do not match, choose the smallest of the measurements, rounding down to the nearest eighth of an inch. Similarly, when measuring the height of your window, also measure in three places: left, middle and right. This time, however, if the numbers do not match, take the larger of the measurements. Don’t forget to also measure the depth of your window. This is an important step that many homeowners forget.

Remember to record the width measurement first, then the height (account for locks, knobs, and other hardware), and don’t forget to label each window (“Kitchen”, “Bedroom”, etc.) on your sheet. This last part is very important when it comes time to order. And always provide your window treatment supplier with exact measurements. Deductions for fit will be taken at the factory.

For a more detailed list of instructions, Click Here. We have to specific measuring instructions for each product we offer.

Measuring for Blinds and Shades

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