Interior Design Trends
Interior Design Trends

Home Furnishing Trends: Your State’s Most Popular Furniture Item

We were curious to see what furniture people value most. Naturally, we did some digging and determined the most popular furniture items in each state.

The furniture you purchase for your new home is integral when creating the perfect environment for your family. While there are endless options and combinations available for home furnishings, it can be tricky to know what type of furniture to choose to really make a house a home.

Since interior design is one of our major interests, we were curious to know what type of furniture has become a popular addition to home decor. To get the answer, we built a list of furniture types by reviewing the categories on popular retailers’ websites like Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, West Elm, and Target. Using this list of furniture items, we analyzed Google Shopping search data to determine which item each state in the U.S. had searched for most often over the past year.

This gave us a comprehensive view of the types of items people are most interested in according to their search history. Based on search volume, we were able to identify the most popular furniture item in each state, as well as the most popular furniture item nationwide.

Most Popular Furniture Items by State - Bar Graph

While the range of options for furniture items was broad, there were a few standout items that were popular in multiple states and we wanted to see how things compared if we look at the broader regions. For instance, in the Midwest, TV stands were the most searched furniture item in no fewer than 5 states, while hutches were the regional runner-up, with 2 states searching for them the most.

The South also had a standout winner, with 5 states searching for sectionals more than any other type of furniture.

In the West, TV cabinets had a narrow victory – two states in the region searched for TV cabinets the most as furniture options over the past year.

Meanwhile, the Northeast could not agree on anything, and every state had a unique top searched furniture item.

Most Popular Furniture Item in Each State Map

Despite the diverse furniture preferences across the U.S., 2 items tied for most searched item nationwide. In 7 states apiece, sectionals and TV stands were the furniture items that had the most interest behind them. Sectionals actually beat out regular sofas in search volume, which didn’t even make the list of top-searched furniture items. Meanwhile, TV stands have become more prevalent as technology has become sleeker and easier to fit in smaller places, making people more likely to invest in a small TV stand rather than an entertainment center.

Tied for second place were hutches and sofa tables. A hutch is normally used to store and display china or other knick-knacks, while a sofa table is meant to add storage behind a couch or sofa. Ironically enough, while people aren’t searching for couches or sofas more than other furniture items in any state, sofa tables were the most searched furniture item in 3 states.

There was a 6-way tie for third place, with each furniture item winning most searched in 2 states. Seating options made up 3 of these winners: bar stools, dining benches, and recliners while entertainment centers, TV cabinets, and jewelry armoires made up the other 3 third place winners.

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