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The Most Popular Houseplants by State

We analyzed the most Googled houseplants in every state across the US. See which houseplant is the most popular in your state and get fun decor inspiration!

Whether you’re a houseplant newbie or a plant pro, it’s always fun to get a new plant to take care of. While most plants are purchased from plant-care centers, many of them can be bought online and shipped directly to your home, making plant parenthood easier than ever before. Because of the rise in popularity of owning plant, thanks in part to social media, it’s estimated that Millennials have driven houseplant sales up 50% in the last three years.

With the popularity of houseplants rising each year among Millennials, we thought it would be interesting to figure out which houseplants were sought after the most over the past year. After compiling a list of the many different plants that thrive indoors, we went to Google Trends to find out which houseplant was the most searched for in each state. Check out what we discovered below!

Map of top searched houseplants by state

There was a surprising amount of diversity in houseplant species spread across the United States.  It’s no surprise that Florida is the only state that prefers the Bromeliad, as it is a great option (both aesthetically and natively) for tropical areas. The Resurrection Plant, known for being able to resurrect even if it’s right at death’s door, is the most searched for in Ohio, Missouri, and Pennsylvania. 

Aloe Vera was the most searched plant overall, taking the top spot in 11 states. Many people use Aloe Vera for the gel that is inside the leaves for its many health benefits, including sunburn relief. Basil came in second with 5 states, which is unsurprising because its leaves can be used for cooking and garnishments.

After Aloe Vera and Basil, the next most-searched plant was the Poinsettia with 4 states, and after that were the Easter Cactus, the Peace Lily, and the Resurrection Plant with 3 states each. One thing that we found interesting was that Succulents, even though they were named the most-wanted plant in the world, were only the most searched houseplant in one state, California. 

Light Control and Indoor Plants

If you are interested in buying a new houseplant, don’t forget that some plants require different care than others. The amount of light that a plant gets can be essential to its survival, so make sure your plant is in a spot that fits its needs. Blinds and shades can be a great way to manage the amount of sunlight coming into your home, and here at Next Day Blinds, we specialize in providing window treatments that are perfect for your home and those who live there (including your houseplants!).

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