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Product Spotlight: Savannah Shadings, Sheer Shades

Soft and elegant with a luminous glow, Savannah Shadings infuse great style and ambiance into any room.

Choosing the perfect window treatments can be a daunting task. With so many options, many homeowners shy away from even beginning the process. As they say, starting is often the hardest part of any project. But that’s why we’re here. So, this week we are going to shine the spotlight on one of our favorite, and not very well understood, window treatments – Savannah Shadings, sometimes also referred to as Sheer Shadings or Sheer Shades.

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The Perfect Blend of Blind and Shade

If you can’t decide between blinds and shades, Savannah Shadings might be for you. These unique window treatments are truly the best of both worlds. Like the slats on traditional wood or aluminum horizontal blinds Savannah Shadings feature vanes that can be tilted open or closed for superior light control. Meanwhile, these vanes float between two sheer fabric panels, giving you the light-filtering qualities of solar shades and allowing soft light to flood your room while still blocking unwanted UV rays and glare. This also allows you to raise and lower your Savannah Shadings like a standard shade for even greater possibilities.

  1. Shades Drawn and Vanes Closed:  Provides superior privacy and light control, particularly with our Room Dimming Savannah Shadings.
  2. Shades Drawn and Vanes Open: Allows filtered light to gently flood your interior, while blocking harmful UV rays and annoying glare.
  3. Shades Open: Open your Savannah Shadings as much or as little as you want to take full advantage of that beautiful sunshine.

Savannah Shadings can be tilted for either privacy or sheer elegance, or can be raised completely into the headrail for an unobstructed view.

Two Styles to Choose From

Here at Next Day Blinds, we offer two styles of our Savannah Shadings:

  1. Light Filtering: Light Filtering shadings are sheer when vanes are in the open position and provide privacy and diffuse light when in the closed position.
  2. Room Dimming: Room dimming shadings will obscure light from entering room when in the closed position, room dimming shades are sheer when the vanes are in the open position.

“At Next Day Blinds, everything is custom made after you purchase your products,” says Frank Sisto, Vice President of Operations at Next Day Blinds. “It doesn’t matter if you buy your window treatments in store, online, or in your own home, all of our products are made one at a time, to your specifications in our factory. There is nothing pre-made [or] made in advance that gets cut down.”

As we manufacture each of your window coverings, we make many small adjustments to best suit its specific placement on your casement. This custom-tailoring approach ensures a perfect fit and optimum performance.

Next Day Blinds Factory Savannah Shadings

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