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Product Spotlight: Woven Wood Shades

Woven wood shades feature exotic materials including bamboo, natural reeds, woods and grasses that bring a distinctly organic texture to a room.

Choosing the perfect window treatments can be a daunting task. With so many options, many homeowners shy away from even beginning the process. As they say, starting is often the hardest part of any project. But that’s why we’re here. So, this week we are going to shine the spotlight on one of our favorite window treatments – Woven Wood Shades.

“Don’t underestimate the depth woven textiles and accents bring to a room—especially during cold-weather months,” says Taysha Murtaugh, Country Living.

Getting Back to Nature

“We are clearly seeing a shift towards an approach within design that considers our environment and society in a much more positive way, without compromising on its aesthetics,” says interior designer Krishna Solanki. “We will continue to see this into the year ahead and hope to experience products that are much more mainstream—an exciting time for materials and design!”

Basically, in 2018, it’s cool to care about the environment. “It’s all about nature-inspired and eco-friendly materials and designs,” adds interior designer Lori Gilder. “It’s no longer a trend, but more of a philosophy in the evolution of design.” And there are some pretty fun ways to incorporate natural elements into your interior, from a few potted plants sprinkled around your home to new window treatments. Woven wood shades, for example, “blend elegance and ergonomics with a sense of natural goodness that is inimitable,” writes Sherry Nothingam of Decoist.

At Next Day Blinds, our woven wood shades feature exotic materials including bamboo, natural reeds, woods and grasses that “bring a distinctly organic texture to a room,” says Dietrich.

Warming Up Your Windows

Sometimes, “drapes are too fussy and blinds are too cold,” says interior designer Killy Scheer. In these cases, woven wood shades “offer a classy and practical alternative that warm up windows while providing privacy and protection from the sun.” And these aesthetic elements are perhaps only matched by the functionality of these window treatments. At Next Day Blinds, our woven wood shades feature light filtering liners to diffuse light, room darkening liners to block light and maximize privacy, or no liner to allow day light to naturally filter into your room.

  • Room Darkening: These beautiful shades provide a nice alternative to traditional blackout or room darkening shades. “If you like the idea of a blackout shade but not the look, consider having a natural woven shade,” says interior designer Margaret Donaldson.
  • Light Filtering: “If you want privacy as well as light, a natural woven roman shade might fit the bill,” says interior designer Dayna Katlin. Light filtering woven shades allow just the right amount of light to penetrate your windows.
  • No Liner: If you love natural light, this is the way to go. These window treatments look great, while still allowing natural light to flood your home. It’s a win-win! “Woven wood shades allow soften the light that comes through your windows,” says blogger Ewa of Delishhh.

Woven wood shades “enhance and warm almost any decor,” says interior designer Becky Dietrich, bringing “a distinctly organic texture to a room.”

Hand Woven for an Exact Fit

The primary advantage of custom-built window treatments is that they are, in fact, custom built to your exact specifications. At Next Day Blinds, all of our window treatments are “made locally, and custom-tailored to your windows,” says Frank Sisto, Next Day Blinds, Vice President of Operations. “It doesn’t matter if you buy your window treatments in store, online, or in your own home, all of our products are made one at a time, to your specifications in our factory. There is nothing pre-made [or] made in advance that gets cut down.”

Our manufacturing facility located in Laurel, Maryland, is a “combination of old-world craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology,” says Steve Freishtat, CEO and Founder of Next Day Blinds. This unique combination allows us to produce high-quality, fully-custom window treatments at a competitive price.

Founded in 1993, Next Day Blinds is a fully integrated, full-service custom window covering company located in Jessup, MD, just 25 miles from Washington, DC, and 15 miles from Baltimore, MD. From sales and design to manufacturing, measuring, installation, and service, we do it all. Our goal is to help you create a better tomorrow by providing a superior result--blinds, shades and shutters that look nicer, last longer, and are there when you want them.