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Quality Crafted Locally: Inside The Next Day Blinds Factory

"You get a custom-built product, made locally, and custom-tailored to your windows."

Next Day Blinds believes in the importance of locally-produced, quality products. Our business was founded in 1993 with a focus on serving our neighbors in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. This is why, in 2001, we opened a 120,000 square foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Jessup, Maryland.

"Our manufacturing facility is a combination of old-world craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology."

Our factory is just one of the ways we are able to bring you premium-quality, fully custom window coverings in days instead of weeks or months—at competitive prices. We build our products ourselves right here in Jessup, using only premium-quality materials to create each window covering to your order.

Next Day Blinds Factory Tour

“At Next Day Blinds, everything is custom made after you purchase your products,” says Frank Sisto, Vice President of Operations at Next Day Blinds. “It doesn’t matter if you buy your window treatments in store, online, or in your own home, all of our products are made one at a time, to your specifications in our factory. There is nothing pre-made [or] made in advance that gets cut down.”

Next Day Blinds Factory Savannah Shadings

Our Community

“At the most basic level, when you buy local more money stays in the community,” writes TIME magazine reporter Judith D. Schwartz.

Think of the local economy like the human body. “Money is like blood. It needs to keep moving around to keep the economy going,” says New Economics Foundation reporter David Boyle. When money is spent at national chains and big-box stores, “it flows out, like a wound.” Conversely, when money is spent on locally produced, locally sold products, the money stays in the community, benefiting the community.

Next Day Blinds Factory Behind the Scenes

“The extra dollars in the local economy produce more jobs for residents, extra tax revenues for local governments, more investment in commercial and residential districts, and enhanced support for local nonprofits. In short, these businesses create better places,” writes author Ben Schiller.

According to the Andersonville Study of Retail Economics, local business generates 70 percent more local economic activity per square foot than big box retail.

Next Day Blinds Factory Woven Woods

Our Customers

Not only are we a local company, but Next Day blinds does it all, “from our salespeople to our measuring technicians to our installation technicians to the factory, it’s a 100 percent integrated cover,” says Sisto. Now, this has several benefits that affect you, the customer, directly.

NDB Tour Wood Blinds

  • Everything is Connected: “By having our factory link with our stores, we are able to drive all the manufacturing process right from the point of sales,” says Freishtat. “Sorting, machine setting, and product quality and size is all determined right at the point of sale and then digitally communicated directly to the factory.”
  • Lower Prices: The elimination of distributor or “middleman” mark-ups provides for higher quality without the higher price.
  • Less Wait: Because we handle it all, from sales to measurements, to manufacturing and installation, you can expect shorter lead times from order to install.
  • Greater Customization: Because we control the manufacturing process, we are able to offer a truly customized product. “Typical custom window coverings are custom for width and height only,” says Freishtat. “Our custom window coverings are custom for width and height, but we also give consideration to the depth of the window, the type of millwork, and the projection of the sill.”
  • Higher Quality: Not only do we ensure your new window treatments fit perfectly, but we also want them to look great. This is why we insist on using only the highest quality materials. Right down to the hardware, everything is top quality, inside and out – beautiful woods and furniture-grade finishes; rich fabrics, independently tested for durability; hand-selected grasses and reeds; and much, much more.
  • Our Guarantee: Because we are local, we are right around the corner should you ever need service. Best of all, Next Day Blinds offers several industry-leading warranties, including our Seven-Year In-Home Service Warranty. Only Next Day Blinds comes to you to make repairs. For the first seven years after we install a product, we perform warranty repairs in your home, free of charge—without removing the product whenever possible. We also offer a Lifetime Product Warranty, meaning if any Next Day Blinds product suffers from a defect or mechanical failure we will repair or replace the product at no extra charge, and a Ten-Year Installation Warranty, protecting you against inadequate or improper fastening to walls, ceilings, or window frames that results in mechanical malfunction or failed installation.

Next Day Blinds Custom Craftsmanship

"You get a custom-built product, made locally, and custom-tailored to your windows."
— Frank Sisto, Vice President of Operations at Next Day Blinds

Founded in 1993, Next Day Blinds is a fully integrated, full-service custom window covering company located in Jessup, MD, just 25 miles from Washington, DC, and 15 miles from Baltimore, MD. From sales and design to manufacturing, measuring, installation, and service, we do it all. Our goal is to help you create a better tomorrow by providing a superior result--blinds, shades and shutters that look nicer, last longer, and are there when you want them.