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Should the Blinds Match the Trim? – Colored Blinds

To match or not to match - that is the question.

To match or not to match – that is the question. It’s a dilemma fit for a Shakespearean tragedy, and one that many homeowners face at least once in their lives. When shopping for new wood blinds, do you want the window treatments to match the surrounding trim or not? Ultimately, the decision is up to you and your style preferences, however, we’ve outlined a few guidelines about when to (and not to) match the blinds to the trim.

When to Match the Blinds to the Window Trim

As we have already said, it is all a matter of personal preference. So what do you want out of your new window treatments?

"If you are someone who likes to change paint colors regularly, it is safer to match the trim. The blind becomes part of the window. It becomes background."
— Bill Fisher, Next Day Blinds Rockville, MD Store Manager

If you want them to seamlessly blend into the surrounding architecture, then Y-E-S, you should try to match your treatments to the surrounding trim. It will give the appearance that your blinds are simply part of the architecture of the room. Depending on what else is going on aesthetically, this may not be a bad thing.

“Since shades and blinds are usually a one time purchase, by keeping those in whites or very neutral colors that work with your trim color, you can change all the other things in the room without competing with the window treatments,” says Mike Sills, Next Day Blinds Fairfax, Virginia store manager.

Matching the blinds to the trim is ideal if you are going for a more traditional, sophisticated, or comfortable look.

"If a customer chooses to match the trim, it should be the closest match you can get."
— Barbara Loller, Next Day Blinds Bel Air, MD Store Manager.

Here at Next Day Blinds, all of our premium wood blinds are singularly custom crafted for each individual application for a superior aesthetic. And with 16 colors to choose from, you are sure to find a perfect (or near-perfect) match!

White Wood Blinds with Matching Trim


When NOT to match the Blinds to the Window Trim

If you want your new blinds to POP, then it is probably best that they NOT MATCH the trim.

"If you are someone who stays with neutrals, you can match to the wall, if you want your trim to pop around the windows. "
— Bill Fisher, Next Day Blinds Rockville, MD Store Manager

“You can do a bold color statement in the blind, but you need to be aware that if you change color themes, you will need to compliment to the shade color,” says Fisher.

This will provide some additional contrast and help your new window treatments stand out and become more noticeable in the room. So, instead of matching the trim, consider having your window treatments match other elements in the room – such as the floor or furniture.

Brown Wood Blinds in Living Room


The great thing is, there are so many choices out there that finding exactly what you are looking for isn’t a problem. But if you need a little help along the way, Next Day Blinds is here for you!

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