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Solar Shades Play an Important Role in UV Protection

Did you know that uncovered windows only block 40–50% of incoming UV rays?

When spending the day out in the hot summer sun, whether lounging on the beach or going for a walk in the park, sunscreen is a must. Even though ultraviolet radiation (UV rays) make up a very small portion of the sun’s rays (40 percent), it is the main cause of the sun’s damaging effects on your health, causing sunburn, premature wrinkling, and even skin cancer. When it comes to UV protection and your health, sunscreen is a must. 

Solar Shades for UV Prevention - Sunglasses

Many of us slather sunscreen on before going outside without even thinking. It’s just part of our routine. But what about when you’re inside? Did you know that uncovered windows only block 40–50% of incoming UV rays? Without proper protection, these rays can damage your skin and degrade materials, such as furniture and flooring, by attacking their molecular structure. And the more direct sunlight that you let in, the greater the risk. But no one wants to live in the dark, or only rely on artificial light.

Our Recommendation: Solar Shades

Solar roller shades and solar soft roman shades are stylish window covering solutions that help to absorb heat, reduce glare from sunlight, and block up to 90-99% of harmful UV rays, while maintaining a view of the outdoors. “These light and elegant shades block blinding sunlight yet let the good light through,” says interior designer Rebekah Zaveloff. The key is the fabric opacity. These window treatments are “available in varying degrees of ‘open-ness,’” explains interior designer Mike Strutt. “The more open they are, the more light they let in, and the more you can see through (both in and out).”

Solar Roller Shades Perfect for Kitchens

At Next Day Blinds, our solar shade fabric rates from 1% openness (most privacy) to 10% openness (most unobstructed view). “Solar Shades are the best invention,” says interior designer Shannon Kirby. “[They are] perfect for daytime to let the light in but keep the heat and harmful rays out.”

Solar Roman Shades Living Room



UV Protection is a Year-Round Concern

It’s common for a homeowner to think, “Why would I want window treatments that are really only useful in the summer?” But the truth is, UV protection is just as important in the dead of winter as it is in the hot summer sun.

“It’s easy to associate winter with frostbite and windburn, but most people are unaware that UV rays can be every bit as damaging on the slopes as on the beach,” said Perry Robins, MD, President, The Skin Cancer Foundation.

UV rays are ever-present – even in winter and even on cloudy days. Solar shades will help shield your home from these damaging rays all year long.

Solar Roller Shades with Motorization

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