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The Benefits of Outside Mount Blinds & Shades

An Outside Mount provides some pretty unique benefits, such as helping to eliminate those pesky light gaps and creating visual intrigue despite small, unappealing windows.

Most window treatments are traditionally hung using an Inside Mount, inside the window frame, providing a visually appealing look that most homeowners prefer. For this reason, an inside mount is perfect for areas where visual appeal is more important than light control, such as the living room, dining room, and kitchen.

An Outside Mount, meanwhile, is installed outside of the window frame, usually on the window trim. This does not give your window treatments that recessed or flush look, but does provide some pretty unique benefits, such as excellent light control, and helping to eliminate those pesky light gaps.

5 Benefits of Outside Mount Blinds & Shades

Outside Mounting for Doors

  • Eliminate Light Gaps: You spent all that time looking for the perfect blinds or shades, you hang them up, and…LIGHT GAPS. Even when pulled shut, small slivers of light peak out from either side of your new window treatments. It’s enough to drive you crazy, especially if those light gaps are affecting your life. Fortunately, there is a fairly simple solution: Outside Mount. And when paired with blackout shades, outside mounts are perfect for bedrooms, nurseries, and media rooms. 
  • Makes a Window Look Bigger: Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain or, in this case, the window behind the shades. An outside mount allows you to manipulate the look of your window, creating an optical illusion that makes a window appear larger (wider or taller) than it really is. This can help homeowners create aesthetic appeal and visual intrigue despite small, unappealing windows.
  • Hides Window Blemishes: Have an ugly window? We have a cost-effective solution. An outside mount can hide those annoying window blemishes from view. It’s much cheaper to cover up an unattractive window or window casing with a stylish shade than it is to replace the entire window. Your wallet will thank us!
  • Great Solution for Doors: Doors often do not have enough space for inside mount blinds or shades. For these instances, outside mount comes to the rescue, providing superior privacy and light control in an otherwise difficult to cover area.
  • Perfect for Shallow Windows: Some windows are jut not ideal for traditional insight mounts, especially windows in older homes. Shallow window casings can make it almost impossible to install using an inside mount. For these windows, outside mount may be the only way to provide adequate light control and privacy.



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