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Thinking Beyond Blackout Shades in the Bedroom

Choosing the perfect window treatments for the bedroom can be tough – balancing fashion with functionality.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults ages 18+ need 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night, although this number fluctuates from person to person. However, many Americans fall well-short of this benchmark, which is why the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has labeled sleep deprivation a national epidemic, affecting 50 to 70 million Americans.

According to our own 2017 Sleep Survey, 45 percent of Americans age 45-64 rate their sleep as “very poor,” with only 46 percent of people getting the recommended 7-9 hours.

Are Your Getting Enough Sleep?

While certain factors may be beyond your control (noise pollution, your schedule, etc.), lighting is one aspect you can control. Still, 35 percent of people admitted they had no bedroom curtains or shades, according to a 2012 poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation.

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

“Besides picking paint colors, the one topic that consistently seems to stump Home section readers is window treatments,” writes Terri Sapienza of The Washington Post.

Choosing the perfect window treatments for the bedroom can be tough – balancing fashion with functionality. You want your new window treatments to look great, but they also have to block incoming light to provide ideal sleeping conditions. Your body requires “near total darkness for optimum health,” writes author Jennifer Barrett in her article “Sleep Oasis. So, it should come as no surprise that many homeowners turn to Blackout Shades in the bedroom. However, Blackout Shades are not your only bedroom option.

Bedroom Window Treatment Recommendations Beyond Blackout Shades

"Add a window covering like shades, blinds or shutters and you suddenly have privacy, control over the amount of sunlight that fills the area, and a better-looking room."
— Plummer Clagett, This Old House

Savannah Shadings

A stylish option for bedroom window treatments, Savannah Shadings are available in a room dimming option. These window treatments will obscure light from entering room but will not provide complete darkness when in the closed position.

Next Day Blinds Room Dimming Savannah Shadings feature soft adjustable room dimming fabric vanes that appear to be floating between two sheer fabric panels.

Savannah Shadings

Wood Blinds

“Wooden blinds are both functional and a creative design element,” says architect and designer Blaze Makoid, making them perfect for the bedroom. “It’s hard to go wrong with a wooden or faux wood blind; they tend to work well with most kinds of decor styles,” says interior designer Darci Goodman, adding a subtle elegance to any room. And when the slats are fully shut, wood blinds block most light.

Next Day Blinds Wood Blinds are available in 16 different finishes that will add “texture, warmth and style to the decor,” says Lorna Hordos, SFGate. “Wood blinds may not seem right for every home or room, but you can often make them work quite stylishly.”

Chestnut Wood Blinds in Bedroom

Wood Blinds

Hardwood Shutters

“As an interior design choice, you can’t go wrong by selecting wood shutters” say interior designer Celeste Stewart. “They fit in with just about any décor and offer a clean, cohesive look throughout the home.” These window treatments also provide a level of light control and privacy that many other treatments simply cannot.

“More versatile than shades and curtains, shutters allow you to filter light at exactly the level you want while offering privacy, insulation, and air circulation,” says interior design blogger Janet Hall, making shutters an excellent choice for the bedroom.

Next Day Blinds Wood Shutters are custom built to the exact specifications of your window, ensuring a perfect fit and eliminating light gaps. “Custom shutters elevate the design of any room, as they look more like an architectural element than a window treatment,” says home designer Keith Summerour.

Black Shutters with Girl in Bay Window

Hardwood Shutters

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