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How to Clean Blinds and Shades

Learn the best way to clean a variety of blinds and shades with these tips from Next Day Blinds.

The spring cleaning bug is out and in full force!  While you are cleaning out the depths of your closet and vacuuming under the bed do not neglect your blinds! Over time, dust can accumulate and to let the best light in the shades should remain clean. Below are a few tips and tricks for cleaning your blinds and shades so they remain as clean as the day you brought them home.

How to Clean Wood Blinds

To begin, lower the blinds completely and gently brush away the excess dust. This can be done with either a dry cloth or a dusting brush. Next, open the blinds to let the light in and slowly wipe off any of the dust you missed with a dry cloth. Wipe each blind slowly in the same direction and remember to get in between the tile cords.

Lastly, turn the blinds so the side you just wiped down is facing away from you. You will then gently brush away the excess dirt followed by wiping the blinds with a dry cloth. It is suggested that wood blinds do not get wet. If the blinds are still not clean enough, using a vacuum hose you can vacuum up excess dust.

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How to Clean Faux Wood or Aluminum Blinds

Similarly to wood blinds, begin by lowering the blinds completely and gently brush away the excess dust, then open the blinds and wipe away any dust that was missed and then wipe down the back of the blinds. However, this type of blind can be wiped down with a damp cloth if you would prefer to do so.

When you finish, if you still think your blinds aren’t clean enough, you can take them off the window and soak them.

Soaking the blinds can be done in the bathtub. Add some warm water and a bit of cleaner (such as dish soap or detergent). Let the blinds soak for about 20 minutes in the soap mixture if your blinds are covered in a lot of grime they can soak longer. Then scrub the blinds gently with a scrubbing brush and rinse off the blinds completely so that there is no soapy residue. The blinds should then be left outside to air dry. Once they are dry, you can hang them back up and allow the light to shine into the room unaffected by the dust that was once there. Not all blinds are washable; if yours are not, dry cleaners sometimes can handle cleaning blinds but call ahead to make sure.

How to Clean Fabric Shades

Just like wood blinds, these should be wiped down with a dry cloth to remove any excess dust. For the best cleaning practices regarding fabric blinds, vacuuming is your best option. While you are cleaning, if you notice any stains on the fabric they can be removed by soaking them with stain remover. Simply remove the blinds from the window and soak them in lukewarm water. When they are done soaking, air dry the blinds before hanging them up again.

Regular blind maintenance can include vacuuming with a hose or lightly dusting the blinds once a week. Make sure to only open and close the blinds using the attached string to avoid staining them with your fingertips.

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Blinds & Shades Cleaning Guide

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