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The Top 10 U.S. Cities with the Best Views

We've identified the best city views in the U.S. See if your city made the list!

Best City Views in the U.S.

For Instagrammers, it can be all about the hashtag. Some of these tags are so widely used that they’ve taken on new meaning. Plus, the location of posts with these hashtags give insights into how regions and cities differ visually.

With this in mind, we grew curious about what the data would tell us about the great views people see nationwide. So, we decided to analyze the geotagged locations of public posts with the following hashtags: #views, #view, #cityscape, #rooftop, and/or #rooftopviews. This gave us an all encompassing picture of where people have the best sights to see, including both urban and rural environments. Plus, the findings allowed us to rank the top 10 cities with the best views across the United States.

These are the 10 best city views in the U.S.

After the data was compiled, the ranking was made based on per capita totals. This gave us an accurate look at cities where these hashtags are used frequently, versus just a list of the largest cities. Interestingly, only one city in the top 10 and one honorable mention are located in the midwest region. Most ranked cities are either in the west or northeast.

Below is a list of the top cities with each associated total hashtag count:

  1. Grand Canyon , AZ — 2.5k
  2. Miami, FL — 12k
  3. San Francisco, CA — 23k
  4. New York, NY — 174k
  5. Boston, MA — 12k
  6. Washington DC — 12k
  7. Atlanta, GA — 8.2k
  8. Chicago, IL — 35k
  9. Las Vegas, NV — 7.9k
  10. Los Angeles. CA — 48k
  • Boulder, CO — 1.2k
  • Minneapolis, MN — 4.3k
  • Denver, CO — 4.9k
  • New Orleans, LA — 2.4k
  • Nashville, TN — 4k

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