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Top US Cities for Morning People

Which U.S. city is made up of the most morning people? The team at Next Day Blinds created this study to find out.

Where to Live if You’re an Early Bird

The early bird gets the worm, or so they say, and this is never truer than when you’re talking about a fast-paced, metropolitan city. The faster pace of life encourages people to wake up, open their blinds, and get moving the moment the sun rises. But which city is made up of the most morning people? We created this study to find out.

We used Yelp data to identify the number of coffee shops per capita, breakfast restaurants per capita, and gyms open at 5AM or earlier per capita in the top 50 US metropolitan areas. We also collected commuting data to see what percentage of professionals leave for work before 7AM. Based on these numbers, we created a weighted scale out of 50. Here’s what we found out!

The Ten Best Cities for Morning People In the US

Based on our weighted ranking, the best city for morning people is Mesa, Arizona. The number of coffee shops, breakfast restaurants, and early morning gyms per capita were the highest, so the early birds won’t have to worry about long lines for the treadmill or their caffeine fix. Long Beach, California took second place, coming in 6 points behind Mesa. In a shocking turn of events, Las Vegas, the city of famed for its long nights and 24/7 partying, came in 3rd as the best city for morning people! Maybe because the mornings are so quiet since everyone is still in bed.

Ten Worst Cities for Morning People In The US

San Francisco was the absolute worst city for morning people, according to our data. The lowest percentage of people leave for work before 7AM, and there’s also the lowest breakfast restaurants per capita. Second to last was the city that never sleeps – the Big Apple. New York City wasn’t the lowest in any category we looked at but it was on the very bottom of the list in every category, possibly because the entire city is fighting for coffee, gyms, and breakfast all at the same time!

Best Cities for Morning People

If you’re one of those people who wakes up in the morning thinking about all of the ways you want to be productive, these are the cities that are, and conversely are not, for you! If you’re looking for a city where you can get going before the sun is up, consider places like Mesa, Arizona, Arlington Texas, or Virginia Beach, Virginia. On the other hand, if you’re a person who closes the blinds and would rather sleep until the very last second, you might feel more at home in New York, San Francisco, or Austin, Texas.

Whatever city you choose to live in, the pace of life will undoubtedly affect your lifestyle. While it’s worth considering slowing down or speeding up as the case may be, we have the solution to your sleep preferences with our Room Darkening Blinds and Shades! You can ease into the day…or not!

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