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Best Window Coverings for Bay Windows – Window Treatments

Bay windows add beauty, elegance and also space in a home.

One of the few architectural features that add beauty to both the interior and exterior of a home, bay windows are a favorite among homeowners – and for good reason. “A bay or bow window not only adds character to a home from the outside, but it also provides a uniquely shaped alcove on the inside,” says interior design blogger Carrie Dagenhard.

"Bay windows add beauty, elegance and also space in a home."
— Johnna Ward

However, with three sides and various angles, these windows can also be a nightmare to cover for most homeowners. One one hand, you want privacy and light control, but on the other hand, you don’t want to obscure your beautiful bay window.

Finding the Right Treatment for Your Bay Window

“Instead of using the space, many people simply cover the windows with simple curtains and move on,” says Dagenhard. “However, there are so many interesting concepts that can be brought to life in this small-but-mighty space.”

Roman Shades

“Update your bay windows with a functional yet elegant window treatment such as Roman Shades,” says designer Amy Bubier. “They frame the window but still provide the option for a colorful and textural window accent.”

Roman shades add sophistication to any room. Their timeless style is equally at home in traditional households and modern decors. They look great in dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and any other room you can think of, offering a simple, yet elegant way to dress up your windows.

“If your taste is modern to transitional, certainly roman shades work well,” says Steve Corbeille, an interior designer specializing in custom window treatments, bedding, upholstery and wall coverings.

If you are looking for a more traditional, classic look, Woven Wood Shades might be just what you’re looking for. These window treatments “have always been a popular choice as they tend to blend in elegance and ergonomics with a sense of natural goodness that is inimitable,” writes Sherry Nothingam of Decoist, a web magazine focusing on architecture, furniture and interior design.


Multiple factors will influence if and how you choose to treat these architectural beauties, but privacy is often the overriding concern,” says architectural photographer David Churchill. “In those situations, shutters are a lovely solution. They admit light but can be closed tightly.”

Individually handcrafted for every window, premium wood shutters from Next Day Blinds are the ideal solution for oddly-shaped windows. We can build almost any shape, making these the perfect solution for bay windows, arches, circles, angles, and door cutouts.

All of our interior wood shutters are custom built in our factory using only the finest materials – no veneers, wood alloys, or composites – and we never cut to size from pre-assembled or pre-finished stock panels. This meticulous attention to detail allows us to make small, but very noticeable adjustments to ensure each shutter is built to each window’s exact specifications.

“As an interior design choice, you can’t go wrong by selecting Hardwood Shutters,” says interior designer Celeste Stewart. “They fit in with just about any décor and offer a clean, cohesive look throughout the home.”

Wood Blinds

Combining wood blinds and curtains can create the best of both worlds for your bay window. “You’ll have the wood blinds for privacy and the curtains for softness and height,” explains interior designer Sherry Petersik.

Wood Blinds remain one of the most popular choices for living rooms because of their traditional look, aesthetic appeal, and light control. According to writer Jimmy Sturo of Ezine Articles, wood blinds “add a feeling of warmth and coziness to the atmosphere in the room” and “give a natural look to the room with a graceful charm.” And layering these blinds with curtains adds a subtle softness to your bay windows.

Whichever window treatment you choose, Dagenhard has one piece of advice – “Don’t let this great space go to waste. “Enjoy the natural light and the additional design options this area provides.”

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