Interior Design Trends
Interior Design Trends

How to Use Blue in Your Interior Design

“From pale ice blue to deep indigo, blue decor is having a moment,” says Liz Gray, HGTV.

Typically, a case of the blues is a bad thing – insinuating a feeling of deep sadness. In interior design, however, a case of the blues is quite the opposite. The color blue has been shown to create a sense of calm and relaxation, even lowering blood pressure and heart rate. And when used properly, blue is the perfect color to take a boring, drab room and transform it into something truly eye catching.

“Vivid blues, such as azure and sapphire, are perfect for an invigorating look,” says Janet Dixon, chief designer at Barker & Barker. “And whether you use them all over for maximum effect or picked out in decorative accessories, this trend is a simple way to add vibrancy.”

Blue Interior Design Takes Center Stage

“When it comes to using blue in your home or in your work space, there are plenty of creative ways to incorporate this beautiful and playful color in the form of accessories, furniture, artwork, and wall and window treatments, so have fun and let your creativity soar,” says Anna Kovalchenko, L’ESSENZIALE Home Design. Here are a few ways you can join in on the fun and infuse blue into your interior design.

Overhaul Small Spaces

“Blues are often overlooked as one of the most attractive colours for small, dark rooms – using a warm, strong blue forces you to create a wonderful lighting scheme and turn the area into a really dramatic and impressive space,” says Edward Bulmer, director of Edward Bulmer Pots of Paint.

However, be careful of the shades you choose to work with. For instance, “too much dark blue in a room can make it feel darker and smaller than it really is,” says Kovalchenko. 

Let There Be Light

Don’t just run with blue because you’ve always wanted to incorporate the color into your interior. For instance, dark or shady rooms not illuminated by natural light can leave your blue color looking “cold and gloomy,” says Colin Stevenson, Medium. “Blue tones love the sun and natural light.” So, it is important to make sure your room is right for blue before you decide blue is right for your room.

The Ever-Popular Accent Wall

If you like the idea of bringing blue into your home, but really aren’t ready to make a full commitment, an accent wall could be the perfect solution.

“Blue can also serve as a great color option for those who want to incorporate an accent wall into a dining room, living room, playroom, finished basement, or bedroom,” says Kovalchenko. “Choose your favorite shade of blue, from pale baby blue to deep navy blue.”

blue interior design accent wall


Mixing and Matching Shades

“Blue can be an intense colour when used throughout the majority of a room, no matter what size it is,” says Kovalchenko. “Therefore, mixing varying shades of blue is a great way to not only break up the monotony of a using one colour but also make the space more calming rather than stimulating.”

You can use various shades and patterns in your furniture, accessories, wall color, and window treatments. This provides contrast while still keeping the focus on the color. “Incorporating various shades of this color into your home or office will bring a modern vibe into it,” says Kovalchenko.

Exploring Contrasting Colors

The perfect thing about blue is that it works so well with other colors, especially oranges, golds, and whites.

  • Orange: “Paler shades of blue pair perfectly with rich, bold colours like orange,” says Kovalchenko. “So if you have blue walls, incorporate orange throughout the space in the form of accessories or window treatments and artwork.”
  • Gold: “Side-by-side, pale blue also goes really well with paler shades of gold,” says Kovalchenko. “Experiment with pairing these shades together to see what works best in your space and what brings you the most comfort or stimulation, depending upon the mood you are hoping to achieve in that room.”
  • White: “The classic combination of blue and white creates a feeling of freshness and lightness,” says Stevenson. “White color perfectly shades absolutely any blue shades: from cobalt and indigo to azure blue and turquoise.”

Blue Window Treatments Work Wonders

If we’ve learned anything throughout this article, is that blue works perfectly with the right accessories, and when combined with natural light. So, you can probably guess where we’re going with this – Window Treatments. Blue blinds, shades, or shutters can really take your interior from ordinary to extraordinary. 

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