Interior Design Trends
Interior Design Trends

Using Bold Colors in Your Interior Design

“The idea behind using color well is it should flow in your house, not be a patchwork of opposite looks,” says Candice Olson, HGTV. However, “to use color boldly can be a challenge.”

The Original Star Trek opens using the phrase “To boldly go where no man has gone before.” Fortunately, when it comes to interior design, you do not have to set off on your own path – unless you are truly adventurous. Instead, you get to boldly go where professional interior designers have boldly gone before. They have forged the path, giving you some great tips and tricks to make bold statements in your own home. And one of our favorite ways to take your interior out of this world is by using bold colors.

“The idea behind using color well is it should flow in your house, not be a patchwork of opposite looks,” says Candice Olson, HGTV. However, “to use color boldly can be a challenge.”

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Sometimes it’s better to start with a few accents – splashes of bold color throughout an interior.

“You don’t have to paint an entire room,” advises Olson. “Bring in one boldly colored accessory. It’s often an easier way to incorporate bold color without going over the top or without making a costly mistake.”

Making a Bold Statement with Your Window Treatments

“Draperies and other window treatments are an excellent place to incorporate bright accent colors into your décor, or they can also act as a standalone statement piece in your space,” says interior design consultant Tayler Vranicar.

Blue and White

According to interior designer Patrick Mele, pairing bold blues with crips whites is a classic color combination that always works. It’s like “wearing a white shirt with blue jeans, or a navy-blue blazer and a white shirt. It never goes out of style,” he says.

Hardwood Shutters are the perfect way to infuse some bold blue into your interior. At Next Day Blinds, our standard is to custom paint your shutters to match your window’s millwork – often white. But, shutters can also be painted in any color or stain that a customer want. So, if you have beautiful white millwork, consider bold blue shutters to really make your interior pop.

“I think blue and white is the equivalent of black and white; it’s just not as fierce,” says Mele. “It’s more welcoming to most people.”

Hunter Green

“A dark, moody hue of green is to home decor as to what oversized sunglasses are to street style,” says Beth Stebner, Style Caster. “And, let’s not forget that it’s also a color you see all the time in nature, meaning that it’s instantly calming.”

Aluminum Blinds are a durable and affordable way to bring bold colors into your home. At Next Day Blinds, our aluminum blinds come in a number of stylish colors, including Hunter Green, Maroon, Scarlet, and Navy Blue.

“Lately, we’ve been seeing a shift away from white and back towards darker, richer colors for interiors — and no color suits the mood quite so well as hunter green,” says Nancy Mitchell, Apartment Therapy.


Raspberry “whispers color, rather than shouts,” says interior designer Elaine Griffin. “It’s a comfy, livable red that is perfect for any room of the house.”

Honeycomb Shades are an energy efficient and stylish option for any interior. At Next Day Blinds, our honeycomb shades come in numerous bold colors, from raspberry to Winter Pine, Deep Violet, Cadet Blue, and even Harvest Red.

If you’re thinking of going bold, but not sure what color to go with, have swatches delivered to you. You can order up to 15 free swatches to test how different colors and materials work in your space.

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