Interior Design Trends
Interior Design Trends

Using Floral Patterns in Your Interior Design

“Florals are coming back with a vengeance,” says Dawn Sailors, But incorporating the right floral patterns into your decor is not always easy.

When you hear the phrase “Floral Patterns,” images of your grandmother’s living room may pop into your head. However, florals have “evolved over the years and we are now left with an array of contemporary takes,” says Kerry Harrison, In other words, these aren’t your grandmother’s floral patterns!

Incorporating Floral Patterns in Contemporary Design

“Florals are coming back with a vengeance,” says Dawn Sailors, But incorporating the right floral patterns into your decor is not always easy. “So many designers and homeowners love floral patterns, although it is a little difficult to implement,” says national award winning interior designer Patricia Davis Brown, Dig This Design. “It is important to use the florals in an appropriate way.” So, here are a few tips and tricks to help give your interior design a more outdoorsy feel.


“If you love nature and want your interior to be blossoming year-round, using floral patterns is a great idea,” says interior design blogger Tania Shevchenko. And perhaps the easiest way to incorporate florals into your decor is with a few well-chosen accessories – furniture, artwork, rugs, etc. It’s a “perfect way to add floral accents to a room and find the right balance,” says Davis Brown. It’s also a low risk design choice. Accessories are easily interchangeable. So, after some tinkering, if you decide florals are not for you, you aren’t stuck with anything too permanent.

floral accessorize

Black & White

“There are lots of modern ways of using floral patterns in the home,” says Harrison. “A great option is to go for black and white floral patterns.” This is a lowkey way to add florals in a more gender neutral way – perfect if you have a spouse who isn’t too keen on adding brightly colored flowers throughout your home. Perhaps best of all, it is pretty easy to incorporate black and white florals into your existing decor. They blend well without overpowering your interior.

black and white floral design

Mix & Match

Of course, if you want to get a little more vibrant, florals are also a great way to infuse color and pattern throughout your home. “I think the key with modern floral patterns is not worrying about getting too matchy-matchy,” says Sailors. “The element that ties everything together is color, rather than the same matching pattern in several places.” So, have fun!


If you are interested in making a long term commitment to your newfound love of florals, look no further than your walls. “Floral wallpapers make the interior design cozier, lighter, and more feminine,” says Shevchenko. It also “makes the statement,” according to the designer.

“It may be an ideal option for bedrooms that need to have a relaxing atmosphere,” says Shevchenko.

floral wallpaper

Window Shades

“Flower patterns are a great idea allowing you to make the interior more inviting,” says Shevchenko.

At Next Day Blinds, our Light Filtering Roller Shades are a great way to subtly add floral patterns to your decor. Our Blossom and Fusion collections feature floral patterns that are eye-catching enough to complement your interior, but subtle enough not to overwhelm.

“Using floral patterns, you may easily update the design of any room,” says Shevchenko.

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