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We Are Thankful For You, Our Customers

While our products are what set us apart from the competition, it is our customer service that truly makes Next Day Blinds great.

It’s no stretch to say that Next Day Blinds was founded for you, the customer. The company was started in 1993 with one simple goal – give consumers faster access to premium-quality, custom-built window coverings without the interior-design-boutique prices. Our commitment to your complete satisfaction has been ongoing and uncompromising ever since.

While our products are what set us apart from the competition, it is our customer service that truly makes Next Day Blinds great. Our goal: not a single unhappy customer.

Quality Control from Start to Finish

If you’ve visited our website before, you’ve probably seen the term “Integrated Services” thrown around more than once. But what does it really mean?

Well, Integrated Services is just a fancy way of saying that we insist on doing everything ourselves. It is a reflection of our uncompromising commitment to quality in every aspect of our business. From sales and measuring to manufacturing and installing, everyone who works on your order in any way is a Next Day Blinds employee. Simply put, your new blinds, shades, or shutters don’t leave our hands until they’re in yours. This approach to your window treatments gives us more control over the quality of the products we sell, the quality of each and every customer experience, and the cost to do it all.

"From our salespeople to our measuring technicians to our installation technicians to the factory, it’s a 100% integrated cover. "
— Frank Sisto, Vice President of Operations at Next Day Blinds

We Stand Behind What We Make

Because we handle everything ourselves and believe in the quality of our products, we are confident enough to offer several industry-leading warranties:

  • Lifetime Product Warranty: If any Great Windows product suffers from a defect or mechanical failure, Next Day Blinds will repair or replace the product at no extra charge.
  • Ten-Year Installation Warranty: Any product we install is covered by our Ten-Year Installation Warranty, protecting you against inadequate or improper fastening to walls, ceilings, or window frames that results in mechanical malfunction or failed installation.
  • Seven-Year In-Home Service Warranty: This is the one that truly sets Next Day Blinds apart from the competition. For the first seven years after we install a product, Next Day Blinds will perform warranty repairs in your home, free of charge—without removing the product whenever possible.
"We pride ourselves on the quality of products we sell."
— Meredith Bale, Next Day Blinds employee

A Company You Can Trust

At the end of the day, running a successful business comes down to one thing – trust. According to the Marriam-Webster dictionary, trust is “assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something.” For customers, trust means buying into advertising and trusting that a business will not mislead them. This trust helps breed customer loyalty and repeat business, which will help your company grow.

“Organizations characterized by a high degree of trust are often the most successful,” writes Maureen Moriarty, Puget Sound Business Journal.

Our customers have the highest expectations, and we are determined to exceed them at every opportunity.

Founded in 1993, Next Day Blinds is a fully integrated, full-service custom window covering company located in Jessup, MD, just 25 miles from Washington, DC, and 15 miles from Baltimore, MD. From sales and design to manufacturing, measuring, installation, and service, we do it all. Our goal is to help you create a better tomorrow by providing a superior result--blinds, shades and shutters that look nicer, last longer, and are there when you want them.