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My Cord Consolidator Came Apart, Now What?

If your cord consolidator does come apart due to additional weighted pressure, just follow these simple steps to snap it back together.

Window treatments tend to be more complex than people realize and, because of this, we often hear some of the same frequently asked questions (FAQs). So, we decided to take the time to answer a few of these in our blog. This week, we are going to tackle a pretty popular question:

What is a Cord Consolidator?

Also known as breakaway equalizers, cord consolidators are designed for one primary purpose – to enhance safety. How do they do this? By doing exactly what its name implies. It consolidates the cords, taking multiple window cords and combining them all into one lift cord. And, because these consolidators are designed with safety in mind, they separate (break away) under weighted pressure.

“Window cord strangulations are one of the top hidden hazards in the home,” says U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Chairman Inez Tenenbaum. From 2006 to 2012, 1,590 children between the ages of 14 months and eight-years-old suffered injuries resulting from entanglements on window cords, based on CPSC estimates. Cord consolidators help minimize potential risk and ensure that your window treatments are ANSI (American National Standards Institute) compliant and incorporate the latest safety technologies. If any reasonable weight is placed on the cords the safety consolidator will break apart.

How Do I Fix a Cord Consolidator?

If your cord consolidator does come apart due to additional weighted pressure, just follow these simple steps to snap it back together:

  1. Make sure your cords are straight and not tangled in any way from the headrail down to the base of the cord. 
  2. If the additional pull cord popped out, reattach the loose cord by reinserting it between the grooves at the base of the cord consolidator. Confirm there is a knot at the top of the cord to prevent it from slipping out.
  3. Align the two halves of the consolidator and then snap the pieces back together. If you are unable to snap the piece together, a new cord consolidator may be needed. Please contact our customer service by calling 1-800-963-9832 or Click Here to Request Service.

How to Fix Breakaway Equalizer Photos

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