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Which Blinds Are Best for Privacy?

Not all window treatments are created equal. Some just provide better privacy than others. So, which are the best blinds or shades for privacy?

Whether you live in a congested urban neighborhood with lots of foot traffic or just have one bathroom window that leaves much to be desired, “bare windows can leave you feeling exposed,” says Laura Wheat, Houzz. However, not all window treatments are created equal. Some just provide better privacy than others. So, which are the best blinds or shades for privacy?

The Best Window Treatments for Privacy

“Luckily, there are plenty of elegant screening solutions to suit all sorts of window types that will provide privacy in your home without compromising on light or style,” says Wheat.


“Cellular Shades, also known as Honeycomb Shades, are one of the hottest new trends in window shades and are designed for light filtering or for the total blocking of sunlight,” says Christie Craig of Houston Lifestyles & Homes magazine.

Next Day Blinds Honeycomb Shades come in a variety of styles, including light filtering, room darkening, and sheer shades. Each provides a different level of light control and privacy. However, it is not only the style of these shades that plays a role. Their superior functionality also comes in handy – specifically our duofold shades, also known as Top Down/Bottom Up Shades.

“They can roll down from the top to let in sun, while providing privacy at the bottom,” says Elizabeth Aaron of Elizabeth Aaron Interior Design.

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Blue Shutters in Mudroom

“Slatted wooden shutters with narrow louvers provide plenty of privacy while still allowing light into your room,” says Wheat. At Next Day Blinds, our Custom Shutters integrate seamlessly into the window millwork, providing a perfect fit and maximum privacy. However, it is important to note that different panel styles provide different levels of privacy. For example, full panel with divider rail allows for independent rotation of top and bottom louvers, which lets you customize privacy and light control within the same panel. You can tilt however you like for different levels of privacy.

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When you think privacy, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t Aluminum Blinds. They are the often-overlooked workhorse of the window treatment world. “Blinds are wonderfully adjustable,” says Becky Dietrich, Houzz. “The slats are able to stay tightly closed for privacy and light control, or tilt open to allow just the amount of light you choose.”

Next Day Blinds Ultra Room Darkening Aluminum Blinds feature hidden routing holes and increased slat overlap to block more light and ultimately provide greater privacy when the blinds are closed. Durable and affordable style that is incredibly functional as well.

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Roller shades are “sleek, afford privacy, and filter some light,” says Steve Corbeille, an interior design professional with more than 25 years of experience, specializing in custom window treatments, bedding, upholstery and wall coverings.

Next Day Blinds Room Darkening Roller Shades take that privacy to the next level. These window treatments feature fabric fused with white backing to block light and provide maximum privacy. The white backing gives the shade a clean, consistent look from outside your home while blocking incoming UV rays and prying eyes.

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Woven Wood Shades feature exotic materials including bamboo, natural reeds woods and grasses that bring a distinctly organic texture to a room. With these natural materials come light gaps. That’s where privacy liners come in handy. Next Day Blinds Woven Wood Shades can be equipped with a privacy liner to block light and provide maximize privacy.

“I love layering a natural wood shade with a pair of super luxurious silk curtains,” says Lilly Bunn of Lilly Bunn Interiors. “The contrast in material adds so much depth and texture. I have these shades in all of the back rooms in my apartment because they offer just the right amount of privacy, so the neighbors won’t see in.”

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