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Best Window Treatments for Large Windows

“We know the struggle is real when it comes to finding the right dressing solution for awkward windows.”

Window Coverings for Large Window Treatments & Difficult Shapes

“A naked pane of glass is a blank canvas beckoning to be adorned by a most discerning eye,” writes Jess McBride, a custom decorating professional and Houzz contributor. However, not all windows are easily covered. Take large windows, for example. Whether a bay window or a tall window, these large expanses can be difficult to decorate in an aesthetically pleasing and functional way.

“Humans have long dressed their windows for privacy, light control and pure decoration,” says McBride, “but never have there been more options for screening and creative expression than there are today — even for those hardest-to-dress windows like arches, bays and recessed windows.”

Solar shades are effective window treatments for large windows.

Our Recommendation for Window Walls: Solar Shades

Recommendations for Large Windows & Tight Spaces

“We know the struggle is real when it comes to finding the right dressing solution for awkward windows,” says Erin Hawkins of NousDecor, a company determined to make professional interior design services accessible to everyone.

Dormer Windows

Small, tucked-away windows – such as dormer windows – can be incredibly difficult to cover. The limited space not only makes it difficult to maneuver, but also severely limits your options.

Our Recommendation: A beautiful Soft Roman Shades can do the trick. “Roman shades are such a great way to treat windows,” writes interior design blogger Bridget A. Otto. Roman shades “warm up windows while providing privacy and protection from the sun,” adds interior designer Killy Scheer.

Bay Windows

Bay windows add architectural dimension to any home, providing a wow factor both inside and out. However, with three sides and various angles, these windows can also be a nightmare to cover for most homeowners. One one hand, you want privacy and light control, but on the other hand, you don’t want to obscure your beautiful bay window with the wrong bay window treatment.

Our Recommendation: Faux Wood Blinds offer the privacy you desire in a subtle, understated way that will add to the natural beauty of your bay window.

Faux Wood Blinds in Bay Window

Tall Windows

Tall windows present a challenge for a very obvious reason – height. You need a way to accentuate the aesthetically pleasing aspects of your tall windows while still providing energy efficiency and, perhaps most importantly, light control and privacy.

Our Recommendation: Again, Roman shades are the answer. “It’s no secret that I love love love using roman shades in projects,” says interior designer Kirsten Krason. “There is something really special about them.” When it comes to tall windows, Roman shades provide the look and feel of drapery or curtains without all that fabric, for a more tailored look.

Glass Doors

Sliding doors present a unique challenge for homeowners. You see, they are doors, but they are also windows, making them one of the most difficult areas of a home to cover. Not only do you need a window treatment that allows for heavy foot traffic, but you also need to consider all of the classics, like privacy, light control, energy efficiency, durability, cleaning, and, of course, price.

Our Recommendation:  Vertical Blinds are ideal for “wide window expanses and sliding glass doors, because they stack off to the side, rather than at the top of the window,” explains interior designer Becky Dietrich.

Window Walls

Whether we are talking about a sunroom, or a penthouse suite overlooking the city, window walls are a breathtaking way to add architectural appeal (and natural light) to a room. However, these beautiful window expanses also create a very difficult situation for the people who have to cover them.

Our Recommendation: Solar Shades are the way to go!

"If you’ve got an amazing view, but your large windows bring in too much sunlight sometimes, rollers are the perfect solution."
— Mary Lou Ralston, Window Treatment Specialist

These window treatments reduce glare, while still allowing you to gaze out your window and take in the beauty of the great outdoors. The secret is the openness. “The material is usually a vinyl mesh which is available in varying degrees of ‘open-ness,’” explains interior designer Mike Strutt. “The more open they are, the more light they let in, and the more you can see through (both in and out).”

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