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Window Treatments for Odd Windows

“We know the struggle is real when it comes to finding the right dressing solution for awkward windows,” says Erin Hawkins of NousDecor.

“Humans have long dressed their windows for privacy, light control and pure decoration,” says Jess McBride, Houzz contributor, “but never have there been more options for screening and creative expression than there are today — even for those hardest-to-dress windows like arches, bays and recessed windows.”

Here are a few of our recommendations for those oh-so-hard to cover windows of unique shapes and sizes.


“Arched windows are some of the most graceful window shapes, adding classic design and architectural interest to your home,” writes Kelley Walters of DIY Network, “but their lovely silhouette also makes them tough to cover.”

Arched windows present several design challenges:

  • The Arch: While eye-catching, the arch is incredibly difficult to cover with traditional window treatments.
  • The Height: Many arched windows also tend to be tall, which is a design challenge of its own.

“Figuring out how to cover arched windows — for privacy or aesthetics — can be difficult,” says Shane Inman, The Inman Company.

We Recommend: “For oversize arched windows in rooms that scream for privacy, install custom-made louvered shutters for a professional fit,” says Inman. “Custom shutters elevate the design of any room, as they look more like an architectural element than a window treatment.”

Our Custom Wood and Vinyl Shutters are custom built in our factory using only the finest materials – no veneers, wood alloys, or composites – and we never cut to size from pre-assembled or pre-finished stock panels. This meticulous attention to detail allows us to make small, but very noticeable adjustments to ensure each shutter is built to each window’s exact specifications. We can build almost any shape including arches, circles, angles, and door cutouts.




“A bay or bow window not only adds character to a home from the outside, but it also provides a uniquely shaped alcove on the inside,” says interior design blogger Carrie Dagenhard. However, with three sides and various angles, these windows can also be a nightmare to cover. “Many people simply cover the windows with simple curtains and move on,” says Dagenhard. “However, there are so many interesting concepts that can be brought to life in this small-but-mighty space.”

We Recommend: “Update your bay windows with a functional yet elegant window treatment such as Roman Shades,” says designer Amy Bubier. “They frame the window but still provide the option for a colorful and textural window accent.”

Our Soft Roman Shades provide an elegant touch to your décor – choose from sleek solids, subtle textured designs, and modern patterns. However, if Roman Shades aren’t for you, shutters are another option for bay windows.

“Shutters are a lovely solution,” says  architectural photographer David Churchill. “They admit light but can be closed tightly.”



Sometimes, it’s not the shape of a window that makes it difficult to cover, it’s the size. Tall windows, for example, can really limit your design options. You need a way to accentuate the aesthetically pleasing aspects of your tall windows while still providing energy efficiency and, perhaps most importantly, light control and privacy.

We Recommend: Roman shades “warm up windows while providing privacy and protection from the sun,” says interior designer Killy Scheer. These wonderful window treatments provide the look and feel of drapery or curtains without all that fabric, for a more tailored look.



Wide windows or even window walls, such as in a sunroom, present a challenge for most homeowners. More often than not, these windows are put in place for one reason – to take advantage of a breathtaking view. So, completely covering the windows is out of the question. Still, there is a desire for light control and at least some degree of privacy.

We Recommend: “If you’ve got an amazing view, but your large windows bring in too much sunlight sometimes, rollers are the perfect solution,” says Mary Lou Ralston, window treatment specialist. More specifically, Solar Roller Shades are the way to go! These window treatments reduce glare, while still allowing you to gaze out your window and take in the beauty of your surroundings.

“The material is usually a vinyl mesh which is available in varying degrees of ‘open-ness,’” explains interior designer Mike Strutt. “The more open they are, the more light they let in, and the more you can see through (both in and out).”



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