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Wood Blinds vs. Faux Wood Blinds: Taking a Closer Look

Both Wood Blinds and Faux Wood Blinds have their strengths. Faux Wood Blinds often offer more versatility in heavily trafficked rooms of the home, while Wood Blinds offer a timeless style that’s unmatched.

There are some debates that seem timeless. What tastes better, Coca-Cola or Pepsi? Which makes the better pet, cats or dogs? Does the toilet paper go over or under? Who shot first, Han Solo or Greedo? And, of course, which is the better investment, wood or faux wood blinds?

In many cases, it all comes down to personal preference. But in other instances, such as choosing the right window treatments, just knowing the facts can make all the difference.  

Window Treatments 101

The Differences Between Wood and Faux Wood Blinds

Once you have narrowed down your window treatment options, choosing horizontal blinds, you have another tough choice to make. Real wood or faux wood blinds? Both materials have their own respective advantages.


Wood blinds “can last for a long time if it’s well taken care of,” says Jimmy Sturo of Ezine Articles. Handcrafted in Maryland using 100% premium basswood, our Wood Blinds are made individually for each window in your home, and designed to be enjoyed for a lifetime. But, because they are made of wood, these window treatments are not ideal for certain areas of the home, especially when heat, humidity, and moisture are involved. Over time, “real wood can warp in these environments,” says Matt Goering, HomeAdvisor. For rooms where heat and moisture can be factor, Faux Wood Blinds reign supreme. These window treatments are made from 100% vinyl and have a “couple of advantages over the real thing,” says interior designer Becky Dietrich. Faux wood blinds are moisture-proof and able to withstand humidity, UV protected, and cleaning is easy, “which makes it (faux wood blinds) a great choice for bathrooms, kitchens and clammy climates,” says Dietrich.


“If you neglect your windows in favor of a different design focus, you’ll be left with a bare view,” says Caren Baginski, HGTV.

Your window treatments play a major role in your interior design. So, choosing the right window treatments is important. This is one of the reasons why Wood Blinds have remained a popular choice, especially among interior designers who tout their ability to “work well with most kinds of decor styles,” says Southern California designer Darci Goodman. They truly are a timeless choice among interior designers. READ MORE>>

However, at Next Day Blinds, our Faux Wood Blinds are a superb simulation of real wood, providing a stylish, yet durable alternative. They are available in 17 different colors, from rich textured Cherry to smooth Granite.  


Over the years, faux wood blinds have become increasingly popular, says Leslie Plummer Clagett of This Old House. And for good reason. These window treatments offer a number of advantages, “though price usually tops the list,” says Goering. “Real wood isn’t cheap, and faux materials can take some of the sting out of the final reckoning.” Faux wood blinds can often be a cost-conscious alternative to real wood.


“A custom company will measure your window exactly and build your shutters (or blinds) to fit,” says interior designer Kristi Linauer. 

At Next Day Blinds, we custom craft each and every window treatment in our very own 120,000 square foot state-of-the-art factory, located right here in Jessup, Maryland. This hands-on approach allows us to make adjustments to best suit the window treatment’s specific placement on your casement, ensuring a perfect fit and optimum performance. This is true for all of our window treatments, including wood and faux wood blinds. All our blinds are custom crafted, ensuring the perfect fit every time. 

What’s the Verdict?

Overall, both Wood Blinds and Faux Wood Blinds have their strengths. Faux Wood Blinds are often a more cost-conscious solution and offer more versatility in heavily trafficked rooms of the home, like the kitchen and bathroom. While Wood Blinds offer a timeless style that’s unmatched. Custom crafted from 100% basswood, they are also known for their durability.

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