Measure & Installation Service

Want us to do it all for you? Use our professional installation service and rest assured knowing our team works directly for Next Day Blinds.

Our Technicians

At Next Day Blinds, we provide installation services utilizing only professional technicians that are full time employees of the Company. We never use contractors*. Because our products incorporate unique designs and features, familiarity with our products and systems is essential for optimal outcomes. Each of our technicians is fully trained in-house, and intimately familiar with how each of our products is designed and built — understanding how each of our design features improves the installation experience.

Many of the window coverings that we design and build are custom tailored to the specific windows onto which they are being installed. Custom tailoring requires levels of integration and familiarity with products and systems that can be achieved only through the exclusivity of full employment.

Prior to your installation appointment, you will receive an email confirmation of your installation that will include a brief biography and work history of your Next Day Blinds technician. Your technician will arrive in a Next Day Blinds uniform and will be driving a Next Day Blinds logoed vehicle.

Scheduling an Installation

Your installation is scheduled for the date and time frame you choose, right at the point of sale – at the time of purchase. We are able to reliably achieve this because of our internal systems that integrate sales, manufacturing, and installation. We understand that your time is valuable and that having to schedule an installation separate and apart from a product purchase can be an imposition. Our systems are designed to avoid this added step and to ensure that product selections and all service dates and time frames are concluded at the same time in a single, hassle-free step.

Because we locally manufacture your premium, custom made window coverings, we can be more accommodating to your needs regarding installation dates and time frames. If there is a deadline that needs to be met, we will work with you to meet your needs.

Next Day Installation

Next day installation is available for most of our products, when purchased through any one of our Shop At Home consultants. There are no upcharges for next day installation. Hardwood Shutters are exceptions, and require longer lead times. Next day installation can be performed the day after you finalize your order, as long as your order is complete and submitted to our factory before 3PM EST. If next day installation is desired, please schedule a morning or early afternoon consultation. Shop At Home appointments are based on first availability.

Tracking and Dispatch

Throughout their workday, our technicians remain in communication with central dispatch where their locations and time are tracked. Central dispatch provides outreach to our customers with “on the way” courtesy calls prior to arrival, and timeliness updates throughout the day. Central dispatch is also a resource for our customers for inquiries on the day of their measure or installation appointment.

Evolution of Our Services

You are “next day” blinds, right? Yes. If you order blinds or shades in one of our showrooms or online, they will be manufactured and delivered to a showroom or shipped to you in one business day (subject, of course, to material availability, weather emergencies, or other factors beyond our control). That's the reason we started Next Day Blinds in 1993: to bring consumers, for the first time, premium-quality, fully custom blinds and shades in days instead of weeks.

As our business grew over the years, we added our own professional measuring and installation team to our integrated sales and manufacturing model. These additional services have proven increasingly popular, but they do require additional time.

It's a process. Getting premium-quality, fully custom blinds or shades professionally measured, manufactured, and installed starts with a visit to a Next Day Blinds showroom or an in-home consultation. Then we work with your schedule to setup convenient measuring and installation dates and timeframes.

For orders that are placed with a Shop At Home consultant, we make every effort to provide installation at your request, up to and including the next day. Full-service, installed sales through our showrooms require additional lead time, although we always try to accommodate individual needs.

So, our name is Next Day Blinds for good reason. And just as we offer more than only blinds, we do more than only next-day delivery.


Answers to the most common questions we get about our Measure and Installation Service.

  • If I order online, can I have you measure and install my products?

    If you order blinds or shades from, they will be custom made for you and be shipped in one business day (plus transit time for delivery). Online is all self-measure and self-install and we provide easy to follow instructions. We do not offer our professional measure and install services with online orders.

  • If I didn’t purchase from Next Day Blinds, will you install product I bought elsewhere?

    No. When we established Next Day Blinds, we decided that we could provide you with the best possible service by doing everything ourselves, every step of the way. From writing our own software to building our own products to measuring, selling, installing, and servicing them, we do it all. Everyone involved works directly for Next Day Blinds. Seamlessly integrated services reflect Next Day Blinds' uncompromising commitment to quality in every aspect of our business. This is why we only install the products that we make and sell.

  • How long will it take to get my product installed after I order it?

    For Shop At Home orders, we make every effort to provide installation at your request, up to and including the next day. Full-service, installed sales through our showrooms typically take seven to ten business days from start to finish, although we always try to accommodate individual needs.
    Considerations that can extend the timeline: Weekend installation dates are in high demand, Shutters and Cornices take additional production time.

  • Will you move my furniture? What do I need to do to prepare for my installation?

    Next Day Blinds’ employees are fully bonded and insured. However, our measurers and installers are not permitted to move furniture. Please make sure the installation area is accessible before we arrive.
    At no charge, we will uninstall and remove existing blinds and shades. If you wish to keep your old product after we uninstall is, you must inform us prior. We will not be responsible for the condition of any product that we take down. There is an additional charge for removing and/or reinstalling existing cornices and draperies- consult with your salesperson.
    If you choose to patch and paint, you should remove your existing product and patch and paint prior to the scheduled installation. In the event you do not patch and paint prior to the installation of your new blinds, we will patch, but not paint holes left by the product we have taken down.
    Talk to your salesperson about the installation area in your home and ask any questions. We are here to help.

* Contractors may be used from time to time for non-residential installations

"This was our first time using Next Day Blinds measuring and installation service and I couldn’t be more pleased. The measurer was knowledgeable and precise. The installer was quite efficient; his many years of experience was demonstrated by how easily and quickly he completed the installation. We definitely recommend."

Terry W.
Rockville, Maryland