Crafted With Pride

Our skilled craftspeople custom-build your product using first-rate materials, all right here in our Maryland factory.

Crafted with pride in Maryland

Custom crafted locally- it’s how we’ve always done it. By combining time-honored craftsmanship and cutting- edge technology, we make your window coverings locally and to the exact specifications of your window. We use only the finest components and materials, selecting those that provide durability and beauty- and that add value for years to come. You can see the results in every custom product that leaves our factory.

Assembling our products right here in the USA, allows us to provide high quality, premium custom window coverings that are available just when you want them.

The NDB Difference The NDB Difference

Custom Made

Every window covering that we manufacture- from basic aluminum mini-binds, to fashionable soft Roman shades, to premium hardwood shutters- is custom crafted and made to order. We guarantee a truly custom experience, never selling pre-fabricated or mass produced products.

At Next Day Blinds we consider “custom” as just that- made to order and built one unit at a time. Our experienced employees, custom craft each blind, shade, and shutter with precise attention to detail, uniquely blending old world craftsmanship with state of the art technologies.

Our unique integrated business model allows us to get to work quickly on your custom order. Our point of sale system directly transfers your order to our factory floor. Once there, our employees combine state-of-the art technologies with artisanal and traditional methods to build your products. We build each window covering, one at a time to the exact specifications of your window and millwork. Our employees showcase our commitment to excellence in their skillfulness and their dedication to their craft.

Each of your custom window coverings is inspected as it travels the factory floor, and each product undergoes a rigorous final inspection before being shipped out or loaded into one of our installation vans. We take the utmost care to ensure that you receive beautifully built and expertly finished blinds, shades, and shutters for your home.

Our software and technology are proprietary and power our high-tech machinery, utilizing logic and algorithms to provide exact specifications based on product design and measurements. We employ state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment that is efficient, safe, and precise. Our technology connects our sales associates and our website directly with our factory- placing your custom order on our factory floor with accuracy and expedience- ensuring that your new custom window coverings will be exactly right and in your home when you want them.

Next Day Blinds expert craftsmanship

Custom Tailoring,
beyond width and height

When measuring and installation are provided for you by our employees (available in Maryland, DC, and Virginia markets), we further customize certain aspects of your window coverings, taking them to a level beyond custom. We call this custom tailoring.

Custom tailoring goes beyond typical custom, to consider additional variables that affect the final fit and aesthetic of your window coverings. Our custom tailoring process goes beyond just width and height, and in the manufacturing process gives consideration to window depth, millwork type and size, and sill projection- all additional details captured by our professional service team. This consideration varies in relevancy depending on the window and the product selected. Our Wood Blinds, Hardwood Shutters, and Woven Wood shades provide the most custom tailored benefit. The result is window coverings that fit better, look nicer, and last longer.

Wood Blinds

While these adjustments might seem minor, they’re important to us—we sweat every last detail. The result of these adjustments is similar to buying a tailored suit versus an off-the-rack version. For our wood blinds, making adjustments like these achieves an even better fit that shows off your new blinds in the most flattering way.

Custom valance return size
We consider your millwork when manufacturing our valance returns.On outside mount applications, returns go all the way back to be flush against your wall.

Position of valance
On inside mount applications, where there is not enough depth to fully recess your wood blinds, a small return sits on your millwork to provide a finished look. In addition, we use a special valance clip on our inside mount wood blinds that raises the valance slightly, minimizing any light gap at the top.

Full coverage of slats
On full outside mount applications, we adjust our manufacturing of the headrail so it is cut slightly narrower than the blind width. This results in the slats of your wood blind completely covering your trim, creating a more finished look. Often, slats and headrail are the same width, leaving the outer edge of your trim exposed.

Hardwood Shutters

Our ultimate objective with hardwood shutters is for them to appear seamlessly integrated with your existing millwork. Our measure technicians record width and height dimensions by default, but go further to gather window depth, sill projection, millwork type, and more. All these details are entered into our proprietary software, which calculates exactly how to cut and build each component for the shutter panel. We make adjustments for mount type (inside or outside), determine the number of frame sides needed for the application, divider rail placement, and more. This results in the highest level of customization of your hardwood shutters.

Guaranteed for life

You are a customer for life. From the moment we receive your custom order, we are accountable for your complete satisfaction. We go above and beyond to deliver great service, exceptional products, and warranties that ensure them for life.

Every product we manufacture is covered by a Lifetime Warranty. Any product we install is also covered by a Ten-Year Installation Warranty and our exclusive Seven-Year In-Home Service Warranty. These warranties in combination provide the highest level, most comprehensive coverage in our industry.

Our Warranties Our Warranties

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Whether you order online, in a showroom, or through an in-home consultation, we take care to ensure that each and every detail of your order is correct.


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Your products are hand-assembled from top-of-the-line materials, then finished with premium paints and stains for a superior result, every time.


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When your custom order is ready to ship, we take care to ensure that it arrives ready for a seamless installation. For full-service customers, an NDB expert will deliver and install your products.


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