Window Covering Safety

From cordless and remote lift systems, to wand controls and the latest in window safety technologies, all of our blinds and shades have a range of options available to help ensure every window covering is safe for your pets and family members.

What You Should Know

The window covering industry and the federal government have developed child safety standards to minimize the risk associated with free-hanging cords on window coverings. As a member of the Window Covering Safety Council (WCSC), Next Day Blinds is committed to incorporating the latest and most effective child-safe technologies in our products. View our safety reference chart.

Choosing Cordless Options for Window Treatment Safety

Living Safely with Cords

  • Anchored Tensioners

    Many Next Day Blinds window coverings are available with lift systems that use a fixed-length anchored and tensioned cord loop. While not cordless, these shades do eliminate free-hanging cords. To be effective, it is critical that these cord loops be properly anchored and tensioned. If at any time a cord anchor becomes detached or a cord separates from its anchor, please reattach or notify us immediately and we will service it at no charge - if we installed it.

  • Shades

    EasyLift Honeycomb Shades
    EasyLift Soft Roman Shades
    EasyLift Woven Wood Shades
    EasyLift Roller Shades
    Looped Control Roller Shades
    Savannah Shadings

    With no free-hanging cords, your shades are easily raised and lowered using the continuous loop operation. Available as an option on our Honeycomb Shades, Soft Roman Shades, Woven Wood Shades, Roller Shades, and Savannah Shadings.

Breakaway Cords

As a local business that built its reputation on customer care, Next Day Blinds really does care about your family's safety. We're doing our part by making sure that all of our window coverings are ANSI compliant and incorporate the latest safety technologies, including breakaway cord consolidators.

Download Breakaway Cords Detail

Separates under weighted pressure Separated inside view Snapped together
Wood Blinds
Mini Blinds
Honeycomb Shades
Soft Roman Shades

Making Cords Safer

Use cord cleats

Make free-hanging cords inaccessible to young children by securely wrapping cords onto cleats when not in use. Cord cleats are available free of charge from Next Day Blinds - just ask.

Don't tie cords together

NEVER knot multiple free-hanging cords together to form a closed loop; always keep them untangled.

Child Safety Retrofit Kit

Prevent cord accidents with your FREE child safety retrofit kit from Window Covering Safety Council. A safety brochure with retrofit instructions is included with each order. Order Here.

Safety Reference Chart

The chart below provides a listing of each products compliance as well as the available safety features. Call 800-963-9832 or click to ask a question.

Download Safety Chart

Looped Cord
Wand Control
Individual Tassels
Breakaway Cord Consolidators
Single Cord below Separator
Cord Shroud
Cord Cleat
Soft Roman
Savannah Shadings
Natural Woven
Premium Hardwood

*Wood and Faux Wood Blinds are available with cordless lift. Wood Blinds are available completely cordless with optional wand tilt.
Note: Not all features are available throughout the entire product collection, except Shutters.

Window Covering Safety Council

The WCSC is a coalition of major U.S. window covering manufacturers and retailers dedicated to educating consumers about window safety. Learn more about the WSCS.

In 2015, WCSC launched the Best for Kids certification program to help consumers and retailers easily identify products for homes with young children. Learn More about the Best For Kids Certification Program.