Solar Soft Roman Shades

Solar Roman Shades reduce provide a designer touch while maintain your view of the outdoors. Product Details

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Product Details

Reduce glare, heat and protect furnishing from UV rays while maintaining your view of the outdoors. Choose from a modern Flat or traditional Teardrop style for a designer touch. The Openness Factor is expressed as a percentage (ranging from 1% to 10%), and indicates the quantity of light that the shade will let in. Fabrics with higher Openness Factor will let in more light and provide a clearer view. View our opacity chart for more details.

Features and Benefits:

  • Choose from two styles Flat or Teardrop
  • Provide UV protection for your furnishings
  • Select top down/ bottom up option which allows you to lower the shade from the top to allow in light while maintaining privacy
  • Lift operations available to ensure worry-free operation

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