Hardwood Shutters by NDB

The timeless beauty of top-quality wood.

High-quality hardwood shutters are like furniture for your windows—especially when they’ve been custom tailored to your window’s exact measurements, and finished with a premium paint or stain that seamlessly integrates with your existing millwork and window trim. In our Maryland factory, we combine time-honored craftsmanship techniques with state-of-the-art technology, resulting in finished products that offer durability, strength, and value for years to come.

Artisanal quality

We combine traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology to custom craft shutters to your exact specifications. We use the highest quality materials and best-in-class techniques, and you can see the results in every hardwood shutter that leaves our state-of-the-art factory. We sweat every last detail, because we believe our shutters are a great investment for your home.

Discover Artisanal Quality

Custom tailoring

Our ultimate objective is for your premium hardwood shutters to appear seamlessly integrated with your existing millwork or trim. For us, a shutter unit is like a piece of furniture in your home; it should feel like an intrinsic part of the surroundings, not like a separate component. Our custom-tailoring process requires measuring, design, manufacturing, and installation, which we handle from start to finish within our fully integrated, end-to-end business model. This is what sets us apart and allows us to provide superior results, a more customer-focused experience along the way, and hardwood shutters that enhance your home for years to come.

About Custom Tailoring

Completely Custom Exactly Right

Throughout the selection and customization process, our experts will guide you through choosing your louver size, panel style, frame design, tilt options, custom colors, and hardware. Our ultimate goal is to create custom shutters that integrate seamlessly with the window millwork and provide you with a lifetime of beauty and quality.

Shutter Style

Louver Size

We offer our Premium and Classic hardwood shutters in four louver sizes. For a traditional look, choose a smaller louver size; for a more modern look, opt for a larger louver size. Stained Finishes are available only in 2½" and 3½" louvers.

Panel Style

Next Day Blinds offers three panel sizes:

Full with divider rail


This is a favorite design among our customers, because it’s perfect for any room.


This half-size panel works best in kitchens and bathrooms.

Full with divider rail

The divider rail allows for independent rotation of top and bottom louvers, which lets you customize privacy and light control within the same panel. The precise placement of the divider rail may vary; the shutter rails will be uniform in size.

What is a divider rail?

A divider rail is an optional feature that divides the louvers within a panel into two sections. While divider rails provide increased functionality, they can also provide an aesthetic benefit. Creating space for a divider rail requires the removal of one or two louvers. Divider rails are located approximately as measured, depending on louver size.

Tilt Options

The tilt function allows you to open and close your louvers. A traditional tilt style lends a classic look, while a hidden tilt is ideal for a clean, contemporary aesthetic.

Standard tilt
Hidden tilt


Our standard is to custom paint your shutters to match your window’s millwork. We consider the color-matching part of our process a crucial step to making your shutters appear seamlessly integrated.

Free millwork match

To help us perfectly match your window's existing millwork, simply provide us with the manufacturer and color number/name of the paint or sample of the desired color.

Standard paints and stains

If you don't know the color used on your millwork, we provide a palette of paint and stain colors for you to choose from.

Custom stains

We can custom stain your shutters for an additional fee.

Anatomy of a Shutter

Learn about the basic design and construction of our hardwood shutters.

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Why Shutters by NDB

High-quality Hardwood Shutters are like furniture for your windows--especially when made by Next Day Blinds. Our shutters are custom-tailored to your window's exact measurements and finished with a premium paint or stain that seamlessly integrates with your existing millwork and window trim. From casual to elegant, traditional to contemporary, the style of almost any room can be enhanced with Hardwood Shutters by NDB.

The NDB Difference

Specialty shutters

We design and build all of our shutters in our Maryland factory, which allows us to create stylish, functional solutions for even the most unique window shapes and styles. Need shutters for doors? Stumped by an unusually shaped window? Our team of measuring and installation experts can ensure that your shutters are a perfect fit, custom tailoring them to your exact specifications.