Artisanal Quality

Exemplary quality. Exceptional attention to detail.

We use the highest-quality materials and best-in-class techniques, and you can see the results in every hardwood shutter that leaves our state-of-the-art factory. We sweat every last detail, because we believe our shutters are a great investment for your home and we want them to be perfect for you.

Our Wood

At Next Day Blinds, we exclusively use Basswood in the production of our hardwood shutters. Basswood is lighter in weight, clearer in appearance, and receives paint and stain better than other hardwoods. Sourced from the Linden Tree, Basswood is highly sustainable, and a favorite material for artisan-level woodworking and the building of musical instruments.

The light weight of Basswood is critical to our premium design objectives. Lighter weight makes for easier day-to-day use, less wear and tear on moving parts, less stress and torqueing on hinges, and less stress on existing jambs and millwork.

Our Finishes

It’s not just about the material—it’s also about the finish. A high-quality wood is only enhanced by a premium finish and application. At Next Day Blinds, we use furniture-grade, low-formaldehyde finishes to deliver the most optimal results.


Matching your millwork color is key to achieving an overall integrated look, which produces a superior outcome. If you don’t know the specifics of your millwork color, we have a standard palette of paint colors to choose from.

Post-assembly paint application

Our paint is a furniture-grade and lacquer-based paint. We paint our shutter panels after they’ve been assembled. This method of finishing allows for paint to cover and fill all seams that are created by the connecting and joining of the wood components. This results in a more seamless appearance than the assembled look of pre-finished components.

Our standard is to custom paint your shutters to match your window’s millwork.


We’re proud to offer several low-formaldehyde, low-odor stain options for our hardwood shutters. We stain all of our shutter components in-house, which lets us control the richness of the stain and the sheen, and guarantees a consistent look across the finished product. For a more customized result, we can match the stain of your existing millwork for an additional charge.

Pre-assembly stain application

With a stained finish, we’ve found that we get the most consistent, beautiful results when we stain our shutter components prior to assembling them. The process is labor-intensive, with our skilled craftspeople completing multiple rounds of sanding, staining, and quality inspection before assembling the finished pieces into a shutter panel.

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Why We Do It Differently

We pride ourselves on the fact that our hardwood shutters look great and stand the test of time — results that we attribute to our premium materials, craftsman process, and obsession with details. We only use the best components and materials, selecting those that offer durability, strength, and value for years to come. You can see the results in every custom product that leaves our state-of-the-art factory.

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